10 comments on “Asha and Geeta versions of “Gore Gore Hathon Mein”

  1. I like both but prefer Geeta’s version: clear vocals and she is much more comfortable and natural in the upper registers of the song. Asha sounds a bit at the limit in those. Just my humble opinion!

  2. I too think the Geeta Dutt version is better – the words are clearer, and she doesn’t get shrill, as Asha does in places. And any way, I do tend to be a bit biased towards Geeta Dutt!

  3. Thanks for sharing these lovely gems. To the best of my knowledge, Geeta ji’s song is a version song, recorded later, most likely by the same composer (Arunkumar Mukherjee sahab). She has also sung one more version song, this time the original being sung by Manna Dey sahab. Yes, I am referring to the song “Chali raadhe raani, ankhiyon mein paani”. Here is the audio

  4. Parag, you’re welcome. And thank you for the information that this was a version song. I wondered if she might have actually sung it for the film, considering that there was at least one song she sang for the film that was deleted. And it was such a nice one…

    Thank you also for sending links to both versions of the Manna Dey song. Of course, both versions are a pleasure to hear. But this time, my impression is the reverse of what I said about the Geeta Dutt version of the other song vs. Asha’s… I think I still like the Manna Dey version more. But I need to listen to both again a few times. :)
    P.S. I don’t know why those URLs that you posted didn’t become embedded YouTube clips the way these usually do, but when I changed the spacing a little and “updated” them, they did. I don’t know why my own link, above, is not converting, either (has the WordPress program suddenly become picky?), but because of limited time, I will not dwell on that for now – people can enjoy it on YouTube.

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