13 comments on “I Love This Song from Jagte Raho!

  1. I love it too! The words are great, the music is fantastic, and the way it’s been sung and picturised – all memorable. Thank you for reminding me of this one. :-)

  2. You’re welcome, Dustedoff.

    I know that you liked this film in spite of the fact that you’re not a Raj Kapoor fan…

    Well, as you probably know, I am a Raj Kapoor fan, and this might be one of my favorite RK films.

    Oh, and I’m also a Salil Chowdhury fan, of course!

  3. Very Punjabi song, with all the usual bits of a folk song but arranged so catchily! Agree with dustedoff about the lyrics

  4. This is cool! Black and white bhangra! :) I’m fascinated by those who have their hair in a bun with the fabric wrapped under their chins- haven’t seen that before (and was under the impression that only Punjabi youths wore their hair visibly in a bun).

    But do you know what song I immediately thought of when I watched this? The women’s wedding party song in Monsoon Wedding!

    Sounds like both utilize the same folk song, especially the “koi na” parts. :)

  5. Minai, thanks, glad you like it. I don’t know the specifics about Punjabi youths having their hair in a bun, but I think these guys are definitely supposed to be Punjabi! And yes, there is a similarity between both those songs, but I bet we could find a whole bunch like that.

    And I’m sure Bawa would know where to find them… By the way, Bawa, meant to come back sooner to concur about those lyrics. I had the advantages of subtitles for this song, and even though I’ll bet the subtitles weren’t perfect, I enjoyed the words that I saw. I thought at this point it would be good to point out that the lyricists are Shaliendra and Prem Dhawan. Well, those are the lyricists for the flim, but I can’t find the info regarding whether one or the other did lyrics for this song (or just both – that’s possible…).

  6. They are Sikhs without a turban. Sikhs never cut their hair and it is worn in a bun on the top of the head. The fabric is what is used to “neaten” the beard every morning (everyone has their own style) but the basic idea is to roll up the beard and then use something to keep it in place, The fabric is called a “tthathi” and is tied on and it is kept on for about 10-15 minutes to “set” the beard. It si then removed and the last step is to tie the turban.

    What is means is that the men in the song are in the middle of getting dressed for the day, as still have not tied the turban, Hope that helps!

  7. Thanks, Minai. Yes, I think there had to be a direct influence there! And by the way, I just did a little reading up on Farhan Akhtar in Wikipedia and saw that his aunt is Daisy Irani, who actually was in Jagte Raho!

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