9 comments on “A Few Found Delights by Zohrabai That I Hadn’t Heard/Seen Before

  1. This is the first time I have heard these lovely songs. The first one does remind me a bit of O maine Pyar Kiya, which had a few more close-ups.

    I like the Pakeezah header. I simply love that movie.

  2. Ava, glad you agree that the songs are lovely…

    And that you like the Pakeezah header! Yes, I simply love that film, too. I watched it again a couple of days ago, and I loved it even more than the last couple of times I that I had seen it (and this was also after who knows how many viewings/playings of the songs – the well-known ones as well as the hidden ones :) ).

  3. loved the last song and dance sequence. these are some gems. nice to discover more about zohrabai!
    bringin more!
    couldn’t reall understand everything about the first song, a bit hard to underrstand isn’t it?
    in har har mahadev, I was wondering at the interruption, till I understood that it must be parvati doing penance to get Shiva!

  4. Real elegance. I’ve heard of Zohrabai, and may have heard her songs without knowing who it was. Thanks for the introduction to her. :)
    I guess the first song shows Shakuntla with her friends, singing, and Raja Dushyant watching and falling in love with her.

    Yes, the Header looks good. Excellent choice of the scene, all lined up like that. Quite a panoramic view.
    Love the film Pakeezah too.

  5. Harvey and Pacifist, I am happy to help you further discover the wonderful singing of Zohrabai!

    By the way, Harvey, I just found another comment by you on this post, written a few days earlier, but for some reason it had been sent to the spam file. I assume that your latest comment was a rewrite/elaboration of that one, so I’ll discard it, and thanks for writing in again!

    Pacifist, if this is really your introduction, feel free to do a Zohrabai search in this blog, and you’ll find many more.

    I guess I first started hearing her voice via her small singing roles in Mahal, then Mela, and Anmol Ghadi… But Ratan (1944), in which she was the most prominent singer, was the film that made me a Zohrabai fan. :)

    Oh, and thank you re. the Pakeezah header… It was one of the few scenes I found that was perfectly suited for the long and narrow space that’s provided for the header in this particular blog’s format/”theme.” The header space is a bit frustrating sometimes (it’s one reason I occasionally think of switching to a different format – which I haven’t done with this blog in years), and often I have to do some difficult/awkward cropping to get something to fit. But this scene was very easy. :)

  6. When Zohrabai sings, it seems very easy. But try to sing along, and you find yourself out of breath. Its the same with KL Sehgal and even Geeta Dutt.

    I can watch Pakeezah any number of times, and discover something new each time. I have two copies of that DVD.

  7. Yes, though people would know right away (I would assume) not to try to sing along with the likes of Lata or Rafi, these other great singers can sort of fool you sometimes. :)

    And you have two copies of that Pakeezah DVD:? That’s impressive. :)

    There is only one movie/DVD that I have two copies of in my collection, and though it’s not Pakeezah, it does have the same director.

  8. Hello. Well, this sort of thing has happened before, so I’m going to assume that I am “speaking” to Vidur and not Vidya. :)

    And thank you for the nice words once again! Yes, that definitely is a shared favorite singer. :)

    But I didn’t even know you had uploaded the Shakuntala song for Anmolfankaar. I just started looking at that Web site and it is interesting; I’ll have to get back to it.

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