3 comments on “The Gorgeous Classical Song and Dance that Eros Left Out of My Copy of Razia Sultan

  1. didn’t know this song myself as well, but on the other hand it has been ages, since I saw this film and it was sometime in the mid 80s on DD and I was bored to death with it. but on the other hand, when I saw Pakeezah the first time on DD in the early 80s, I got bored as well.
    A very good one this! Thanks for unearthing it for us!

  2. I’ve been trying to watch this film for ages, online. The only source available (megavideo) has the sound running way ahead of the pictures and is unwatchable.
    Perhaps I should look for the dvd when I’m next in such a place (though this lovely clip won’t be there), based on your liking :)
    Thanks, Richard.

  3. You’re welcome, Harvey and Pacifist.

    Harvey, there were maybe some brief moments when I thought the film veered toward boring, which is one reason I didn’t consider it a work of genius like Pakeezah or Mahal. But overall, I did definitely like it.

    And I am wondering, in the early ’80s, were you very young? Which films did you not find boring?

    Pacifist, the sound-running-ahead-of-the-pictures problem is always very bad. Well, you won’t have that with the DVD, but the DVD isn’t the best quality either. :) The images are not at all clear sometimes, and I find that problem to be much harder to take in color than in black and white. And, of course, there are the missing songs (this was not the only one missing). But sometimes the images are very good, and there are still other very nice songs in the movie – the music is outstanding, and it is in sync in the DVD. :)

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