7 comments on “The Greatest On-Screen Combination of Two Female Singing Stars

  1. Hi Richard, I am much attracted by the clips you have posted! I found to my pleasure that the movie’s on youtube so I shall add it to my watch-soon list, thank you :)
    Cheers, Suja

  2. Glad you all liked these!

    Harvey, yes, that scene in the park, especially is quite funny. Overall, I guess a lot of people find the film to be a bit depressing, especially near the end, though it’s actually quite light compared to some of the other 1940s films starring Noor Jehan or Suraiya. Sometimes it is both sad and funny at the same time – I think a lot of old Indian movies are like that.

  3. I’ve been so focussed on DO’s quiz , as a result got delayed in watching these nice clips.
    The movie seems interesting – wouldn’t let the depressing theme deter me. One gets quite used to it when watching old films.
    In addition how many films are there showing such camaraderie between two heroines,

    BTW I watched Lal Haveli to celebrate Noor Jahan’s birthday.
    The twist at the end was very novel and interesting.
    I also liked the unpredictability of the outcome of the two lovers considering how Noor Jehan keeps looking at the picture of the illfated female ancestor, and the audience gets the picture of what might happen to the two.

  4. Pacifist, you are right regarding the camaraderie between the heroines… And later, there is some discussion between them regarding their friendship (and the thing(s) that went wrong) which is very interesting. This film is actually more psychologically complex than people might think at first.

    Regarding the depressing qualities… Well, I was just saying that some people find it depressing, but that doesn’t mean that bothered me, either. Actually, I very much liked the depressing aspects of this film!

    Some other pre-Partition Noor Jehan tragedies were far more bleak and tragic… Zeenat, Jugnu, and Mirza Sahiban – all real downers, of course, but I loved them all! :) (And wow, speaking of depressing films, I won’t even go into the Suraiya ones… LOL)

    I am glad you enjoyed Lal Haveli. Out of all the Noor Jehan films I’ve watched without subtitles (and there were quite a few), that was the most difficult for me to figure out. (Of course, with some of the others, I had the benefit of getting plot summaries or learning about the legends they were based upon…) I will keep what you said in mind the next time I try to piece that plot together. :) Meanwhile, I just loved it for the songs and for the sight (as well as voice) of Noor Jehan. Actually, I found the whole film very interesting visually…

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