9 comments on “More Nice Songs Sung by Runa Laila

  1. I really like Runa Laila! She has such a versatile voice, from ghazals to pop.
    Here is how I first saw her (this song was taken off the PTV quite qucikly, too daring even for those less Islamic days!)

  2. Thank you for reminding me of these Runa Laila songs. They were all played quite often on the radio. ‘Mera babu chail chabila’ was famous way before the film Ghar Dwar!
    In the early 80s she also cut a disc with Bappi Lahiri. It was a non-filmi album. I forget it’s name now. It was I think the first album which had song videos!

  3. One of her songs, which I like a lot is Jaidev’s “Tumhe ho na ho, mujhko to itna yakeen hai, mujhe tumse pyaar nahi hai” (I don’t know about you, but I am sure, I am not in love with you) from the film Gharonda

    From the profound song in Gharonda to something very shallow

    The album with Bappi Lahiri was ‘Superuna’
    Here comes the Disco Assault
    Disco Premee

    And if you didn’t have enough of Desh Premee than you get Disco Express as well

    And one of the songs was:
    chalo chale sitaron ke desh chale, jaha koi na hon hum tum gale mile

  4. Mister Naidu, you’re welcome. And wow, I stumbled on a Helen fact that you didn’t know! :)

    Bawa, thank you for that clip of teenage Runa. I have seen it before. I think there is a chance we might have talked about it before. But I did a quick search and haven’t found in my archives…yet.

    Harvey, thanks for the clips. That Gharonda one is nice. I didn’t recognize the song as one I heard before, but I did recognize the bus, so maybe I saw a different song from this film.

    Regarding the disco songs… Sorry, it seems that I can’t bring myself to listen to any of them all the way through. Oh, well, maybe if I’m in a different mood on another day…

  5. To abuse your blog a bit more, this is more or less how she looked when she made her first appearance on Jalandhar TV.
    Easily singing anything from ghazals to Mast kalander, and with That stage presence: she was something else!

    I read in an interview (in Filmfare I think) after her first 2 Indian songs were such a hit (that was after she had decided to move to Bangladesh), her saying that she just didn’t understand why the large amount of previous offers had just totally dried up. At the time she would have been a real threat to the Mangeshkar sisters, clear, beautiful voice and with a versatility that had not been seen for many years.

  6. @ richard:
    “Sorry, it seems that I can’t bring myself to listen to any of them all the way through. Oh, well, maybe if I’m in a different mood on another day…”

    No, even I can’t do that, but it is a part of Runa Laila hsitory now! But she will be remembered, thank god, for her ‘Mast Kalandar’ song

    Thanks for the song, bawa!

  7. nice collections,thans i am looking for a video ghazal of runa laila most probably sung in ptv studio in 70s TUJHI MEIN KHO KE BOHOT SO GAWAR. looking for the video as i have audio,can any one get it here please

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