6 comments on “At Last! Noor Jehan Sings for Padmini!

  1. Oh :-(

    This song is so familiar. I’ve heard it quite often (on the radio) that I was finally happy to see its picturization…only to click on comments and have harvey pour cold water on my excitement at this ‘discovery’. *sad face again*

    The word ‘mixpherion’ went unnoticed by me, or perhaps it doesn’t appear till the end …or…I don’t know why I never saw it.

    I thought how well the song sat on Padmini.
    The song flows like a rippling stream with Padmini personifying it.
    The carrying of lamb was repeated by Saira Banu in Junglee, singing ja ja ja mere bachchpan.

    But it’s left me thirsting for knowledge.
    What film is this?
    Who is the hero? I imagine he is the one thundering down on his horse towards the singing Padmini (I presume). The scene sizzles with anticipation of romance.

    And a more sensible question;
    Which film is this song from?

  2. Hi, Pacifist. The song is from Anmol Ghadi, the movie screen-capped in my present image header.

    I did a post on this song a little over three years ago, when I was first getting into my Noor Jehan obsession (which hasn’t let up yet – actually at this point far surpassing the Padmini obsession that had begun a bit earlier :) )…


    The visual part of the clip above is from a Padmini film made in the very early ’60s. I don’t really know the details of the plot.

    The carrying of the lamb actually reminded me of Madhubala in a much earlier film, Tarana:

    And I thought the slingshot scenes were reminiscent of several songs in the 1945 Noor Jehan film Village Girl.

    I seem to recall comparing at least some of these songs in some posts before, but once again, I am unable to get any results in the search function here and in order to find out when I did any of that, I would have to spend a lot of time digging through archives. (But I haven’t ruled out the idea…)

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