4 comments on “Kanan Devi in Sesh Uttar: “No, I can’t sing so well. But I can try.”

  1. Wow, very much moved by the video, though I didn’t get all of it!

    The hindi version of the first song:

    It was a runner-up for my chaand song list

  2. Harvey, glad you liked the video. Not sure what you didn’t get – but some aspects of the plot and the characters are a bit offbeat/eccentric/quirky. I think this would have been an unconventional film for any time. As for the censors… You would know better than I would if there is any explanation regarding how this could have gotten through. :)

    Regarding the Hindi version of that first song… Yes, it was a runner up for your list, and then I added it later in comments. :)

  3. Well, I didn’t see the whole film, just the snippet, which you posted and thus don’t know how the sequences stay in context of the whole plot, but what I saw there, made me feel good (the women’s lib lecture).
    You know what I went extra through the comments to chandaa post to see if you had posted in your comments, but it seems my mini laptop is not efficient at that. Sorry for that! But the song is lovely,! Thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to listen to it again. I have to make a playlist of those songs in the chandaa post!

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