13 comments on “Happy Golden Jubilee, Yesudas!

  1. I just love his voice. So rich and gorgeous. He mostly sang for Amol Palekar and Zareena Wahab films it would seem.
    Chitchor songs come to mind immediately which Ava has mentioned already .

    From film Apne Paraye

    Here’s another beautiful song from film Naiyya.

  2. Ava and Pacifist, thank you for the suggestions among his Hindi songs. Since I don’t know much about the Hindi movies that he sang for (and since that period isn’t exactly my area of expertise for Hindi movies), this was all new to me. Ava, the videos certainly did embed this time, and those are nice sounding songs, although the sound quality seems a bit “iffy” as I’m hearing it, especially in the first one. :)

    Pacifist, I like the songs you posted, too. Really nice stuff! Yes, his voice is “rich and gorgeous.” :) I should pay more tribute to male singers for those qualities; I know I have been a bit biased in this area.

    Sometimes I consider some of Yesudas’ songs to be a bit laid-back for me, except when I’m in the right mood. (That is, laid-back in a non-classical sense, since this is not something that occurs to me with more classical songs. :) ) But Yesudas has been very versatile, of course. Today, I remembered that he was one of the singers on a hit Tamil film song that has such a heavy beat, M.I.A. actually sampled it for her explosive 2007 show opener, “Bamboo Banga.” (I believe I’ve mentioned that before. :) ) That’s this song from Thalapathi – I can’t believe that in my haste to get a post up in time, I actually forgot it!

  3. Ava and pacifist have already mentioned three of my fav Yesudas songs. Chornis! ;-)

    But I also like this one very much and it has chaand in it!

    and from the same film

    Philipp from Philipp’s fillums has provided a good review of the film

    I don’t know from which film, but I like this song as well.

    He sang also many devotional songs for Gurvayur Krishna and these songs are played quite often in the temple but he wasn’t allowed to enter the temple, because he is a Christian. (Yesudas = Jesus’ servant). Can you believe that? *aargh*

  4. Loved the videos you posted. At least the ones, which I saw.
    Neelakadampin Poovo reminded me of my summer vacation and the train ride through Kerala.

    A fabulous dance in Swarga nandini. Like the Bharat Natyam dances.
    Couldn’t appreciate the full suitcase song. Maybe one needs some knowledge of what the song means, though Yesudas’ voice is always a pleasure to listen to it.
    Others, I still have to listen to.

  5. Thanks, Harvey, I really enjoyed the songs you posted, too. I briefly glimpsed Philip’s review of Alaap, and, I will have to watch this sometime.

    And I’m glad you like those first two songs in my post as much as I did. Regarding the “full suticase song” – what a funny title, I’ll have to remember that! :) Anyway, there have been discussions about that film here before, though of the Malayalam version. I’ll find them and link to them from here soon (maybe tomorrow). Someone even explained the plot a bit and, yes, that was helpful. :)

  6. Btw, I’ve added a couple of songs from Vyjayanthimala’s first Tamil film Vazhkai to my channel.

  7. Thanks, Cram, I am just catching up on those now – and I ended up commenting on a couple of them over at Minai’s blog, after you posted a link to the Padmini-Lalitha song.

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