8 comments on “For the 27th Death Anniversary of Faiz Ahmed Faiz…

  1. Beautiful!
    Your selection is rich in variety. Didn’t know that filmi song picturized on Dilip Kumar.
    Mala Sinha has been ‘in’ lately :)
    I remember this bit from Gyarah Hazaar Ladkiyan.

    The combination of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Farida Khanum (I love her style and voice) is explosive. Here’s one;

    And for you, Richard, the same by Noor Jehan. :)

  2. Pacifist, thanks for the nice words on my selections here, and for sending such good ones too… I was thinking of Farida Khanum (whose name also popped up on Harvey’s blog recently – in the Na Jaa post, not the Mala Sinha one :) )… Thank you for sending an excellent clip of Farida singing Faiz. Though, of course, to me, Noor Jehan’s voice always sounds more magnificent. :) I love those “Noor Unplugged” recordings.

    Thanks also for the info on the Mala Sinha film. I had no idea what that was, other than it being yet another film with Bharat Bhushan as the singer and/or poet type.

    The Mahendra Kapoor on Dilip Kumar song in Mazdoor is actually not the first version of this song that I saw/heard. The first one was by the Voices Music Group. The Mazdoor version is co-attributed to the main lyricist for the film, Hasan Kamal. For the Voices Music Group version, some people attribute it just to Faiz; others say it was co-written by the revolutionary poet Shaikh Ayaz. (I think that maybe Shaikh Ayaz contributed to the Voices Music Group album that it’s from but Faiz wrote the poetry in this song.) Here’s that version…

  3. Beautiful selection as always…the tv series that Iqbal Bano’s clip comes from was really great. Worth exploring all the episodes of different singers on youtube.

    My own two cents, the man himself talking and reciting and Subtitled in English!

  4. Bawa, thank you for the nice words as always! I am going to look into that TV series a little more. I am sure I’ve seen other clips, because I’ve seen a lot of good Pakistani TV on YouTube, but I should keep better track of which series presents what.

    And thank you for the Faiz interview. I’ve had a chance only to watch the first few minutes so far (out of, wow, 41 minutes!), but I didn’t want to delay any more in letting you know how nice it is to have this interview here, especially since, as you said, it is subtitled in English. :)

  5. Gulon mein rang bhare -Wah! kya baat hai. You have made by day. It has overtaken my favourite Baat karni mujhe mushqil kabhi aisi to na thi (Mehadi Hassan, but poet Bahadurshah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor)

  6. Since then I have discovered that the person subtitling got lazier and lazier as the interview went on and in parts it disappears altogether! A real pity.
    I was just listening to the audio after the first 10 minutes so didn’t notice the patchy subtitling until later.

  7. AK, thank you, I am delighted to see that I found your favorite. Yes, it’s a great song to listen to, and I also like the picturization.

    Bawa, that’s too bad about the subtitles… I guess whoever did them is about as qualified as many of the people who subtitle commercially sold film DVDs.

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