5 comments on “Another Passage from Louise Brown’s Book, The Dancing Girls of Lahore

  1. How captivating the passage sounds. There was a similar sequence in a film I saw not too long back ‘Bol’. I must try and get this book.

  2. That excerpt sounds very interesting… Coincidentally enough, I was walking through the Chawri Bazaar area today (it’s behind the Jama Masjid, and is known throughout Delhi as the place to go for wholesale paper and paper products, especially wedding cards). As I walked, I recalled a lecture I’d attended earlier this week, in which the speaker was telling us about how, a couple of centuries ago, Chawri Bazaar wasn’t a paper market, but the place where the nautch girls lived.

  3. Nice comments appreciated! I am glad that all of you found this passage interesting, too.

    Harvey, I got only a small cut in the profits, not nearly as much as I’ve gotten over the past few years from the estates of Padmini and Noor Jehan. :-)

    Ava, I hope you find this book, and I hope that one of these days I’ll find a subtitled copy of Bol.

    Dustedoff, that’s an interesting story. I wonder if Chawri Bazaar was ever portrayed this way in a film, maybe as an alternative to all the stories about Lahore and Lucknow. :-)

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