13 comments on “R.I.P. Dev Anand

  1. It is sort of sad, but I think it is sort of a deliverance for him. he was old and he had a fulfilling life!
    He’ll be back!

  2. You are right Harvey. He was getting to be very frail. But yet he was trying to do new things. There is no word about his wife anywhere, curiously.

  3. @Ava: The newspaper (The Times of India, Delhi edition) did have a couple of sentences about his wife and daughter flying to London, where they were expected to decide whether the last rites should be in the UK, or whether his body should be brought back to India.

  4. @Madhu, I read about that today. One site, TOI again I think, had some soundbytes from her and some other of his leading ladies as well. I don’t know if they were just compiled version of some older interviews or recent, but his wife said something about being very happy with him.

  5. Loved his spirit. I listen to his interviews sometimes when I am feeling all defeated. He had great songs and looked good in them. Sunil Dutt it the only other male lead I can think of who looked good in his good songs (others–Raj Kapoor: good songs, bad looks; Dharmendra: great looks, ok songs)

  6. Thanks, all, for sharing a word about Dev. I would have answered sooner, but it’s been a chaotic week for me.

    Anyway, anyone reading this who doesn’t know this yet should know that three of the commenters above have posted excellent tributes to Dev. So, if you haven’t already, you should pay a visit to Harvey’s blog and Ava’s and Dustedoff’s.

    Sophy, those are some good points that you made. But don’t you think Dilip Kumar also looked good in his good songs? I suspect there were a few more you may have overlooked in that thought…though judging by feedback I’ve seen elsewhere, I guess Ashok Kumar wouldn’t be one of them (though he had some really good songs, certainly).

  7. was just enjoying a dev anand film last night. thank you for the tributes. he was in so many wonderful films. i must protest the looks/songs classification. sooo limiting. one of the things i really enjoy about bollywood is the diversity – the widening of categories and the possibilities. and if ashok kumar can be the leading man for so many beautiful actresses … then who am i to complain? he has such an interesting presence. such gravity.

  8. Ann, I guess I agree somewhat with your “protest.” :-) Ashok Kumar is actually often my favorite of the classic Golden Age (and Vintage Age) actors.

  9. thank you richard … as always. yes. i do like ashok kumar very much. feel on thin ice here making comparisons … but would one regret h.bogart?

  10. You’re welcome, Ann, and the comparison would be fine with me. Though Humphrey Bogart is someone who hasn’t crossed my mind in a long time. I feel as though I am much better acquainted with Ashok Kumar.

  11. I read somewhere that he didn’t even have any illnesses which one would expect.
    I think dying of a heart attack is just the way he would have liked to pass away. A sign of a very active life which perhaps didn’t suit his age.
    And I agree with you about Dilip Kumar looking very good in some very good songs. Those ghoda gaadi songs DO listed had two where he looks very handsome – the one from Aan and the other from Naya Daur.

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