25 comments on “Disaster strikes the blog as Tommydan1 vanishes from YouTube again

  1. Uh oh! That’s terrible. Hopefully he can try the dispute process and go for a fair use argument (or maybe it’s past that point and he got too many strikes). It would be terrible to lose everything! This is most definitely the downside to YouTube.

  2. No, that is sad! Really, really sad!
    Wonder how we can support him!
    He does this really good job with the videos and instead of supporting him in this wonderful job, he is sacked. This is not fair!
    What Tommydan does is a work ofan artist. I wouldn’t classify it as plagiarism, since with his contribution, he wakes them to new and better life!
    More power to Tommydan1!

  3. I am very gratefull to him. He uplaoded so many videos which we indians were not aware off. I have many of his viseos. How I can assist. LAtely one more such memebr “sunheri raaten”lost his account. I think someone is doing it purposefully.

  4. I think it’s just temporary, although I won’t know for sure until the channel is reopened. I should be back in a week or ten days or so. I’ve been locked in bitter battle with Shemaroo and not just me but other channels also. Others have gone down. It’s all about greed and money and power, as usual. Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Tom, thanks for the information, and I hope you are right and it is only temporary. I’ll keep checking to see when you’re back.

    I have noticed other videos disappearing too, lately…

    As for Shemaroo, I’ve already been pissed off at them over their crappy products. I’ve been meaning to write a post about the weird, unprecedented problems that I found in my Shemaroo edition of Anmol Ghadi. (Though I’ll grant them that the one advantage it has over the prior edition I had – Eros, maybe? – is that there were subtitles for all the songs, something I was hoping for when I got it.) Anyway, unless it was some strange bootleg… That was really screwy. And Shemaroo has put out a lot of other bad-looking videos also, with their logo sometimes getting in the way of everything.

    They should be grateful to you for making their stuff look better.

    But, of course, greed and money and power… Occupy Shemaroo!

  6. “@ tom
    how can we help?”

    Some of you might remember a little over a year ago when something similar happened and channels went down right and left. The Shemaroo channel on YouTube was inundated with nasty comments and messages filled with hatred for their actions and the owners, being business people first and foremost, stopped the harassment. This wholesale slaughter of songs and channels happened all at once and was very obvious. They paused in the campaign and this time, beginning maybe a couple of months ago, resumed it, more stealthily this time. I’ve received word from my friend Yuan, of the yuanyuanyuanyin channel, that they’ve stopped the campaign again, and after getting my channel back things should go back to ‘normal’. But it’s nice to know that there are people willing to protest this treatment being dished out to people whose only crime is a love of the classic Indian songs and dances. Thanks, harvey and others.

    Now, if you happen to know any of the ‘powers that be’ over at Shemaroo Enterprises…

  7. o this is so sad and stupid. of course shemaroo can only benefit from people sharing these clips. thank you tom d. for your good work/s and perserverance. all best wishes.

  8. “Now, if you happen to know any of the ‘powers that be’ over at Shemaroo Enterprises…”

    Oh, Tom. If only!! (But then, I might just go and drop a bomb on their office and kill them off). What reallly irritates the **** out of me is that people like Shemaroo, Ultra, Friends, Eagle and their like make us pay for terrible stuff, and then make a big hoo-haa if they think anybody’s violating their copyright.

  9. I really wish there was a way to get at them (Shemaroo). I believe internet is very powerful in starting movements against/for.
    There must be a way to do that and we all will lend our staunch support.
    This/They are terrible!!!!

  10. Oh! I am so so sorry! Tom To think that You almost got Your 5 Article re – Edwina Lyons – ready to be sent to Madhu for Publishing & cannot unless & until Your back in with You Tube eh!
    Wish You all the Best My Dear Friend Tom & Wish for everything to work out quickly & safely for You & for Your Dear Friends/Fans as well Feel really sad about it all as You truly do not deserve what is happening to You as all You ever wanted & still want is to please others!!! God Bless Tom

  11. Thought I’d check in and see what the status of TommyDan’s YouTube channel is. I see that it is still down! That’s not a good sign. Anyone know if it will be back? (Hoping Tom is still checking out these comments). I’m really missing some of his great uploads… :(

  12. It didn’t turn out as planned, unfortunately. After fighting successfully (finally) to get Shemaroo off of my back, I was then stabbed in the back by YouTube’s computers run amok. The upshot is that unless something gets fixed on their side, my original channel is gone. I’ve started 2 new ones and will slowly be sending my videos back. But 1100 videos will take awhile. I also have plans for a third channel to upload full movies (real old ones) and the songs they contain, sourced from VHS tapes, many of them already subtitled. Thanks for asking, MinaiMinai.

  13. Well done Tom! So glad that You have such fantastic people as friends in Your Life & I sincerely hope & pray that with so much support from them all this problem will be solved once & forall!
    Stand up & be counted My Dear Dear Friend! United We Stand eh!
    Memsaab should do a Post on ‘Feel the Love’ Tom You are Great!

  14. Hi, Tom. This is very good news re. the new channels… I hope you’ll tell us what they are :) . What I like even more is this bit of info about the “real old” full movies. Wow, are they going to be as old as I often like them? And subtitled too?

    BTW, I’ve gotten to watch (or sometimes just look through) quite a few full Hindi movies from the ’40s and ’30s just in the past year or so, and some are even on YouTube. (Most of the pre-partition Noor Jehan movies are on YouTube now. And one reader here once sent me some really nice Saigal stuff…) But, unfortunately, very few that I get to see are subtitled. (Actually, it’s much more possible to see subtitled Bengali movies from the ’30s and early ’40s, thanks to that Angel channel – so I’ve gotten to enjoy some Kanan Devi films in full.) And even though I’ve learned a few words of Hindi here and there at this point, I will have a long way to go before I can understand even a decent small portion of the dialogue in all those non-subtitled films. :-(

  15. Oh, and look, I see a comment from Edwina that appeared while I was writing my comment to Tom. Welcome, Edwina, thanks for stopping by!

  16. Hi! Richard Your welcome! Nice to see all the old familiar names show up here on the Screen eh! It takes something like this to get us all together again! Like one big happy Family! First time You & I have spoken directly like this though & rather nice that We did too!

  17. Hi Richard,

    Well, since you asked, the first one is The Edwina Channel:


    All Edwina, all the time. The main channel is this one, but with only my Laxmi Chhaya videos up so far:


    The movie channel isn’t up yet, but soon will be. The first two will be subbed versions of the 1939 Pukar and the 1950 Babul. Soon after will be Jehangir (no subs yet), Acchut Kanya (needs subs) Raj Nartaki (aka The Court Dancer, in English), Sikander (no subs), and ShahJehan (no subs). The first two are in quite good condition, some aren’t of such good quality. These are from VHS tapes sent to me by Muz, a good friend of the memsaab’s, and were recorded by him and his father (many of them) from BBC broadcasts 20 or more years ago. Those are the ones with very good subtitles hardcoded into the video. Most of these will also be available for download, and at some point, after having done maybe half a dozen or so, the announcement will be made on memsaab’s blog, maybe in 3 or 4 weeks.

  18. This is good news Tom, though very unfortunate about the you tube.
    The Edwina channel is such a great idea.
    Am really looking forward to the ‘really old films channel’.
    All the best in your endeavours from which we all gain tremendously.

  19. Pacifist, I agree that this is really good news. I look forward to the time when most of videos will be up on YouTube again, so I will be inspired to replace the many, many videos missing in this blog. (I have so many missing videos because almost any time that I wanted to show a song, I looked first to see if there was a Tommydan1 copy that I could put up. Although, it’s not as though I didn’t know I was taking my chances – and Tom, himself, even warned me a couple of times.)

    Tom, that is a nice list of movies that you gave us for the movie channel. I am looking forward to it. By the way, I noticed that there were quite a few Sohrab Modi films in the list, and that reminded me that I’d been meaning to put up a post involving his wife :) …

    Edwina, I agree that it’s nice that you and I finally spoke directly – and right before I learned about the Edwina channel too!

  20. Yes Richard nice to have met You & yes I am so looking forward to everything going well for Tom & all concerned as well!

  21. Thanks for responding to my query (on youtube) about tommydan1’s channel. Look forward to his new channels.

    DVD companies like Shemaroo are truly dogs in mangers.
    Best to Tom in fighting the many-lived harassment from these eternal copyright holding monsters.

  22. Whydah, you are welcome. As you can see, I saw your query just after I had found out about Tom’s new channels myself, and I wanted to share the good news. I also wanted to let you know what had happened to Tom’s old channel, but for the reasons that you actually mention above, it probably wasn’t hard to guess. :)

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