5 comments on “Here’s a nice song from a film I’m enjoying that came out in 2011

  1. Yes, everyone, it’s Bol. Ava, I recalled that you mentioned this film under my discussion of the nonfiction book The Dancing Gilrs of Lahore. In that book, we see a that the prostitute/courtesan in Heera Mandi who is sort of the main character has great admiration for Meena Kumari and has seen Pakeezah many times. In Bol, the prostitute/courtesan calls herself Meena, has a big poster of Meena Kumari on the wall, and quotes from Pakeezah. (I think we may have discussed some of those details here as well.) So, this part of Bol, as it turns out, is actually very realistic. Or maybe Lousie Brown’s obscure sociological book even was an influence on this film. :)

    Anyway, overall, I found the film to be quite enjoyable…

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