2 comments on “Putting together a birthday post for February 18…

  1. It does seem to e Nimmi’s birthday and the reminder brings back a lot of memories. I first heard about

    around 1950 but the film was shown in a village Bhattiprolu about five miles away. We were not allowed to go that far to see films and the older kids used to tease with the songs from the film they were priviliged to see. Then in 1962, there was a gap in my exams in Hyderabad and I went to see the film only to come back after a few minutes when electricity failed. But the next show was on time and I had the pleasure of watching that dance-song twice. When I reached Bombay in 1964 as a research student , it was raining and the laborers living on the ground floor of a hostel (apparently earlier servants quaters of rich visiting the Taj hotel) where I found accomodation were playing the same song on an old gramaphone.
    Another song, this time from Aan, ‘aaj mere man me sakhi..’ some how got in to my mind but I was not sure whether there was such a song and could not find it again until the 90’s. Meanwhile it tranformed in my mind and I used the modified version as a lullaby for my children and grandchildren, My oldest daughter still remembers the tune.
    She seemed so popular and it was not clear why she quit so early. There are some explanations in this interview from 1993
    “I could have done much better roles. Nobody really gave me a really exciting role. The restlessness of an artiste is still there within me despite all these years. I have not been completely satisfied with a single performance of mine. Even today I always react to a good performance that I happen to notice. When I am watching a film on video and someone is emoting really well, the ‘bejaan’ (lifeless) Nimmi comes alive.”

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