13 comments on “Happy Birthday, Nimmi!

  1. Nimmi! Happy Birthday, Nimmi!
    That is extremely nice of you take up a stance for Nimmi. Poor thing, she has a bad position with most of my co-bloggers.
    These are really nice songs. The song ritu aaye ritu jaaye from Buzdil was new for me.Such a refreshing song! Thanks for that! I will be listening ot it quite often today.
    Is duniya me sab chor (Everybody is a thief in this world) from Bhai Bhai was also new for me.
    The song from Love and Gad makes me want to watch the film. If only the name K. C.Bokadia were not a part of it!

    But here is an unusual and a rare combination. Suraiya giving playback to Nimmi
    dhadakte dil ki tamanna ho mera pyar ho tum from Shama [1961]

    And one of my fav Nimmi songs is kar gaya re from Basant Bahar, this time with only KumKum dancing.

    Another nice song is dil ka diya from Akashdeep, where she is truly lip-syncing.

    Here we have someone else than Lata give playback. It is Aarti Mukherjee. The song is dheere dheer dhal re chanda from Angulimaal [1960].

    I couldn’t find any songs with her and Khayyam together.

    Happy Birthday, Khayyam!
    This is what I would sing to Khayyam’s compositions. thehriye hosh me aa loo to chale jaiyegaa (let me come to my senses and then you can leave) from Mohabbat Isko Kahete Hain.

  2. Happy Birthday Nimmi.

    It’s nice that you have honoured her on her birthday. I’m appreciating it all the more because I’m guilty of laughing at her acting in Aan which annoyed me a great deal….but, she looks fabulous in these songs.
    I love the song with cuckoo dancing, cham cham payal baaje.

    The clip from Love and God is quite a reminder of how it never got completed by the deaths first of the hero Guru Dutt and then the producer K.Asif himself. I think like Mughal e azam it would have been a great film too.

    I love this song of Nimmi’s too. So melodious and soft.

    Nimmi sang for a film in 1951 – Bedardi. I couldn’t find any songs of it though.

    Thanks for the interesting anecdote about your endeavours in film watching :)

  3. Happy Birthday Nimmi, as you said, she had a compelling screen presence. How I love all the songs of Uran Khatola, Basant Bahar and Barsaat to name a few.

    Let me post this one from Uran Khatola:

  4. Thank you, Richard – and, Happy Birthday, Nimmi!

    I must confess to being one of those not-Nimmi-fans, but that’s mainly because I find her acting over the top in films like Aan or Amar. Where she got to play less dramatic characters, she was fine. And, like some male actors (Biswajit, Bharat Bhushan and Rajendra Kumar come to mind) whom I don’t especially like – she had great songs picturised on her. I was familiar with most of the songs in your list, and pacifist has listed one of my favourites. :-)

    Here are two more that I love. One is Intezaar aur abhi, from Chaar Dil Chaar Raaste:

    And, from Sazaa, an old favourite of mine, Tum na jaane ke jahaan mein kho gaye:

  5. Wow, that is an avalanche of good Nimmi songs… You all confirmed my thought that Nimmi was in so many good songs…

    I will say more about all these good comments within a day or so.

  6. DO what a c oncidence! If I mentioned one of your favourite you have also mentioned one of my favourites.

    Tum na jaane is among the group of Lata songs that I first loved on being drawn to old songs. In fact I even know all the words to it :)

    Of course at that time I never bothered to find out the name and actors/actresses of films of these songs.
    Over time through various blogs I’ve finally coinnected the two.

    So it was Nimmi all along singing this exquisite song on screen. :)

  7. @ pacifist: Oh, yes. Tum na jaane is one of my favourite songs – especially dear to me because my uncle was the guitarist for this one. I know all the words, but it’s hard to sing properly – Lata’s voice goes so low and so high, I can never manage that range without my voice cracking (or making the windowpanes crack!) ;-)

    BTW, I watched Sazaa on Youtube just for this song. So-so movie; it’s been uploaded by the same channel that uploaded Actress and Lahore, which you’d told me about.

  8. Dustedoff and Pacifist, you should like the YouTube Nimmi Birthday tribute that I just posted. ;)

    Thanks, all, for doubling my Nimmi post. I’m not used to that happening here; it’s the sort of thing that happens more often in comments at the blogs of Harvey and Dustedoff. And Harvey, wow, thanks for posting five of them, covering a wide range. The song/dance from Basant Bahar featuring Kumkum is very good. But, actually, “Main Piya Teri Tu Maane…” is the one that I can’t get out of my head – I can play that song over and over again.

    I am also glad that you appreciated “Ritu Aaye Ritu Jaaye,” though that one’s not from Buzdil; it’s from Hamdard. I really love the classical song from Buzdil, “Jhan Jhan Payal Baaje” (though I try not to confuse that title with the title of the Shantaram-Sandhya-Gopi Krishna dance fest :-) ).

    Pacifist and Thandapani, thank you for the songs from Uran Khatola… Those are very sweet sounds, but of course they are – they’re Naushad!

    And Ava, yes, I am going to have to start calling you Thandapani at this point… Speaking of Barsaat :) , since I “talked” to Harvey about this on his blog recently, I can no longer see that word “Thandapani” without thinking of the part of “Hawa Mein Udta Jaaye” where Lata is singing “Thanda thanda pani, thanda thanda pani..” (though that, of course, isn’t a Nimmi song, it’s a Bimla song).

  9. Nice. I chose the name Thandapani as my handle and now I have to live with it :D I had to view the song – Hawa me udta jai – to figure out what you were trying to say; that bit about it being sung by Bimla was not very clear to me. I always thought it was a Nimmi song, but then, I have not seen the movie.

  10. Bawa, thank you!

    Ava :) , OK, since you’re back to “Ava” here, I won’t call you “Thandapani”… And now I know that this song wasn’t one of the sources of that “handle” – though it’s become the quintessential “Thandapani” song for me (not that I know all that many – I’m sure you know many more)… By the way, IMHO, if you haven’t seen the movie, you haven’t missed much. And I say that as a huge fan of some Raj Kapoor films, like Awara, Shree 420, and Jis Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai. I guess Raj needed to mature a little as a filmmaker(?) – but, actually, I even liked Aag more.

    But Nimmi has a nice debut in this, and Nargis also does a good act here, especially with the snotty nose routine. And the music is marvelous!

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