10 comments on “Here’s a very nice Nimmi Birthday Tribute from YouTube’s IMIRZA777

  1. She looks lovely all through the slideshow, and she still looks beautiful and contented. Lives in Chicago, are you tempted to go over and say hello, Richard?

  2. *sigh*
    This song is just…so ethereal.
    It reminds me of my college days when we had just got acquainted with old songs and this was among the first batch of songs we were devoted to. We used to listen to it again and again.

    It’s the first time I’ve come across a present day picture of her. She’s grown into a dignified old lady.
    Thanks a lot Richard.

  3. You are all quite welcome. :)

    It is always nice to find a picture of a seemingly long-missing hero, heroine, or dancer whom we know so well from the Golden Age looking healthy and dignified in the present day. In the past couple of years, I was delighted to unearth contemporary pictures of Sandhya and Kamala Lakshman (Narayan), both of whom are looking great in their old age.

    By the way, I still have to find and visit Kamala in Long Island some day. So, Ava, if I can’t even get it together to visit Kamala in Long Island, how am I ever going to visit Nimmi in Chicago? :)

    Anyway, yes, it is a sweet-sounding song, a nice one to use for a tribute.

  4. Padminifan, I had no idea that they had appeared in a film before Kalpana (1948)! In quite a few interviews that I saw, Padmini always mentioned that film as her debut (not just her Hindi debut). But Kalpana took a long time to make (something like four years?), so maybe it really was the first film that the Travancore Sisters were asked to do?

    Anyway, no, I haven’t seen this dance – but I would love to!

  5. You are right.their first film was kalpana and second film is kannika.but kannika was released first.padmini was very cute in the film .she did mohini and lalitha did shiva

  6. Could you tell me,how many hindi films were done by padmini?when i count it was only 29(exept those dubbed from tamil).could you please list it.

  7. Lovely slide show and with a present day foto of Nimmi! great! Thanks, Richard!
    When the song started I thought it was the Barcarolle from Les Contes d’Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach

  8. nimmi was one of the greatest and evrgreen actor of her time in such movies like Aan, Amaar,Uran khatola Deedaar, and many others movies all her movies was a hit in such era which will never come evrything will with tme like todays but memories of such heroines will remain forvere and ever

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