12 comments on “My Five Favorite Holi Songs

  1. Holi Mubarak ho, Richardbhai!
    Beautiful songs!

    I amnot sure if they celebrate Holi in Paksitani Punjab, but this might be a Holi song in Punjabi by Noorjehan. but it is equally possible that Holi means something else in Punjabi like slowly or something similar. But the guy there looks like he may have some colour on.

  2. Holli Mubarak Richard and Harvey. Thank you both so very much. Just watched Aan and loved the Holi scene and had never seen the Noor Jahan before. Ironic? The B/W Holi scenes are so wonderful.

  3. I love the first one a lot, Padmini and Mehmood in Mastana really colour up the screen. Holi aaye re kanhai is practically mandatory if you are making a list of Holi songs. I love anything out of a V Shantaram movie :D Wasn’t there any holi song in Jhanak Jahank Payal Baje?

  4. Harvey, it is so nice to see that the tables are turned and now you are sending me Noor Jehan songs from Pakistan. But I don’t think that one is a song for the Holi holiday. :) I happened upon a later version, which includes some translation in the comments below it. And the first line goes like this:

    Jadon holi jayee lena ayen mera naan’
    Main thaan Mar jani aan way

    I guess I believe this translation, though it would be good if maybe a regular reader here who is well versed in Punjabi could confirm it. (In other words, I’m wondering when Bawa will be stopping by. :) )

    Ann, so this means the only black-and-white Holi holiday scene that we have here so far is from Kohinoor – oh, but that is wonderful! And you are very welcome… Also, I am glad that you finally got to see Aan. It is probably not exactly the best film by most conventional standards, but it is an experience!

    Ava, yes, I really love the Mastana song also! And “Holi Aaye re Kanhai” should be mandatory! It should also be mandatory that any video version include the Sitara Devi dance at the beginning. Unbelievably, the fools at Eros cut it out of their “official” video (in addition to posting it with a distorted aspect ratio similar to the one you see in the Aan video – I’m sure Tom would have something to say about that)… But I am glad I found a complete version to post here.

    As far as I know, the only Shantaram film that included a Holi song is Navrang. But that one song is better than a thousand others. :) While my “rankings” of nos. 5 through 2 are flexible (it wouldn’t make much difference if you switched that around a little), I consider the one brought to us by V. Shantaram, C. Ramchandra, Mehandra Kapoor, Asha Bhosle, and Sandhya to be the best of all definitely. :)

  5. Thanks for the correction, Richard! Muslims in Pakistan playing Holi did seem improbable, but one never knows.

    Here are three b/w Holi songs
    dekho hli ki aayi bahar

    tan rang lo ji from Kohinoor

    tere sang sang sang piya mein from Insaniyat

  6. This is how my brain works, go through your post listen to the Kohinoor song and then post it again in my comment. I think I will have to go to my doctor and check for Alzheimer.

  7. That’s all right, Harvey. At least you remembered the Holi dance in Anjaan, which I completely forgot, even though I saw the film not to long ago and posted about it. (I guess the only scene in that movie that I remembered was the Kabaddi game.) But that song is nice, as is the Insaniyat song – although this clip seems to be somewhat impaired as well, since the sound stops halfway through. :-( (Also, it doesn’t look to me like a 100% Holi song – looks like a combination of Holi and Diwali!)

  8. Hi!
    Sorry have been in London for a few days, and have dropped by!

    Lyrics say “hauli = slow / in a low voice” and not “holi”.
    So my translation is
    “Whenever you whisper my name,
    I just die there and then…”

    Happy Holi! And a good excuse to listen to some great songs.

  9. Thank you, Bawa – I knew you would come through with a good translation!

    And thanks for the clarification – I was wondering why you would want to apologize for dropping by here, and how your being in London could be the cause of that.

    OK, not really – I kind of knew what you meant to say. :)

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