5 comments on “Mehtab with Surendra in Vishwas (1943)

  1. I think the only film featuring Mehtab, which I have ever seen is Jhansi Ki Rani. I saw it ages back on DD in my pre-teen years. Thus, I can’t remember much except for the last chase scene, which touched me a lot.

    Interesting clips, particularly sawan ki rut aayi. She had a very expressive though subdued mature face. Quite uncommon for those days, no?

    Since we were talking of topless guys yesterday, the duniya nayi basaye sajni song would also have qualified for that list, if it were not for that bejewelled bra which he is wearing. Or shall we overlook that and take him in our list all the same? ;-)

  2. Yes, I’ve seen the songs from Sanjog and would love to see the whole film! That was the film from which I posted some songs of Suraiya singing for Mehtab. Suraiya’s singing was fantastic – and at such a young age! And I did like Charlie in those scenes too (and we’ve talked about him a little on this blog elsewhere).

    I hope that sometime I’ll find a subtitled copy of this film… I pictured it as something fRIENDS would release. I’d even put up with that company (and all the problems they usually present) for the chance to see it…

  3. Surendraji sang very good songs in this movie including the train song…..before the train met accident. He was a legendindeed

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