12 comments on “Watch this and cry yourself to sleep.

  1. This song makes me laugh. Not because there’s anythingfunny about it, but because of its place in my life. Any time I’m having problems sleeping, my husband offers to sing me a lullaby – and it’s invariably this one, rendered in a frightfully nasal, droning tone. It’s always enough to make me beg him to stop.

  2. Now, that is funny! I don’t have any real-life context in which to place this song. :) I thought it was really nice, with music by Khayyam, vocals by Asha, picturized on Meena. But everybody is conspicuously weeping!

    I’ve also been conscious that this weekend is Meena Kumari’s 40th death anniversary. So I’ll probably post some more Meena-related stuff here and there. I probably won’t have an organized list this time, but I thought this would be a nice start.

    I’ve also been looking through this film Footpath, which is now on YouTube in its entirety. But, unfortunately, no subtitles…

  3. Sometimes crying can be a good releasing therapy. I meet people here who praise Bollywood films because they are surprised to see men crying too. :-)
    I get very philosophical about the subject of crying vs happy happy, so I’ll stop here before I bore everyone LOL

    LOvely Meena and nice glimpses of Dilip Kumar.

    I couldn’t watch the full song because it gets stuck 52 minutes into the song.

    Thanks for the information, Richard. I’ll watch Footpath on youtube in memory of Meena Kumari’s 40th death anniversary, even though Pakeezah is the most appropriate one.

  4. @dustedoff
    And here I was thinking that the song your husband sang for you (you’ve mentioned it earlier on your blog) was ‘soja rajkumari soja’ by K L Saigal :-D

  5. I agree with Pacifist about crying.

    By the way, I’ll post something from Pakeezah on March 31, but it’s not as though there’s been a lack of references to that film in this blog. LOL Kind of for that reason, I thought it would be nice to put up the lesser-used Baiju Bawra image header rather than the Pakeezah one. :)

  6. What a hook! With a title like ‘watch this and cry yourself to sleep’ I HAD to immediately watch it :) Its familiar but I don’t believe I’ve heard it for 40+ years so it was a nice foray into nostalgia. But good God, what a weepy song for a lullaby!
    @dustedoff : You made me laugh out loud :)

  7. @Richard: Thanks for letting me know about Footpath being now on Youtube. I’d borrowed the VCD from my parents, but it was flawed and stopped working halfway through.

    @pacifist: That, too! It’s either this, or that. Now I’m trying to persuade him to sing Nanhi kali sone chali instead. ;-)
    He seems to think lullabies are best sung in a ‘Saigal-ish’ style (not that Tarun is any Saigal)!

  8. A good cry is a good release, I agree! But crying myself to sleep is BAD!

    @ dustedoff: give Tarun my lori list, then he can choose from so many! ;-)

  9. Richard, how come my blogroll didn’t show this post?? :( I certainly don’t want to cry myself to sleep, but oh, the song is beautiful!

    Footpaath was a fantastic film; dark, but if I remember right, she didn’t do much crying except in a couple of scenes.

    @dustedoff – Thanks for the laugh. Maybe the reason Tarun doesn’t sing Nanhi kali sone chali is because he doesn’t want to think of you as Nanhi kali :) ‘Rajkumari’ is so much better, don’t you think??

  10. @harvey: Good idea! Yes, I’ll do that. :-)

    @Anu: Hmm… a point. But since he actually sings Nanhi kali sone chali without that awful nasal touch, I’ll stick with that – and he does have a lovely voice, so it’s a pleasure to hear him sing. If he feels I’m not really nanhi, I guess he could change it to moti or whatever! :-D

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