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  1. Lovely songs (especially the one from Yahudi) though I burst out laughing when I heard the song (with Rehana) because of the lyrics – he has only one aim, to be able to go to the lane of beautiful girls (no, no it doesn’t sound like that in urdu), of course he means only Rehana’ it’s just a manner of speech, but when taken literally it sounded funny.
    And now I’m feeling silly to have written so much about my initial reaction :-/

    *This* girl (Bhanumati) does have a lot of birds, and one particular lucky one ;-)
    I had posted it at DO’s but it fits here so well with the theme of girl and bird/birds

  2. Pacifist, that is the song that I was looking for endlessly last night! I thought I had it stored in “favorites” or “likes” on YouTube, but it was nowhere to be found. Thank you.

    And, btw, that is amusing re. the Rehana song.

    Harvey, that is an amusing one, too – and it qualifies doubly!

    Ava, yes the girls really sing… But in one of these songs, it’s the guy who’s really singing, while he’s looking at the girl with the bird. (Though that girl can really, really sing, herself, but for some reason she doesn’t here.)

  3. in this song both, the boy and the girl are singing about birds, to be precise about a parrot and a mynah. ek daal par tota bole, ek daal par mynah from Chor Machaye Shor [1974]

    Two years and a heroine later the same production team is of the opinion that the story of a parrot and mynah is outdated. tota mynah ki kahani to purani ho gayi from Fakira [1976]

    Flighty trends in the Hindi Film Industry. :-)

  4. Asha Parekh doesn’t have any fancy birds, her’s is the ordinary crow and it is in fact not her’s but just a feathered visitor who heralds the coming of a guest.
    bhor hote kaga from Chirag

  5. Thanks, Harvey. That’s amusing re. the “flighty” change, but aren’t those first two songs more just bird songs than “A Girl and Her Bird?”

    I do like the Asha Parekh (and Lata/Madan Mohan) song. I like the outfit a lot, too – so much black amidst the purple and gold, it goes nicely with Asha’s hair and with the bird (is that a crow or a raven?)…

    I think that song fits well… And are you sure it isn’t her bird? (That object in the top right corner at 0:20 or so looks like a bird cage to me – or am I mistaken?)

  6. Interesting idea for a post, Richard! Liked that – all the songs you picked are lovely ones. Birds seem to be very favoured as confidantes, don’t they? Here’s another, this time being mourned to about the lover’s heartlessness:

    And another one, a beautiful song with Waheeda. She begins by singing to fish in an aquarium, but the last couple of lines of the song are addressed to a bird:

  7. For Telugus, this one has been very popular since 1945

    Apparently, it was inspired by a song from the 1941 film “Blood and Sand”.

  8. Dustedoff, thanks for the Bhai Bhai song. I saw Bhai Bhai few years ago but had completely forgotten about that song – I guess it was overshadowed in my mind by a few others from the film. But, yes, it fits the theme well and also would be perfect for a bird-as-confidante sub-theme.

    And thanks also for the Geeta-Waheeda song from Baat Ek Raat Ki; that’s very nice and is totally new to me.

    Swarup, thank you for that classic Telugu song, the second one in the comments here to show that Bhanumathi had a way with birds!

  9. Here’s another, this time being mourned to about the lover’s heartlessness:

    Madhu, that’s Nimmi of the ‘always-falling-in-love-with-a-hero-who’s-in-love-with-another-woman’ fame… why amn’t I surprised? :(

    Richard, just to add to the list, though these are from the ‘new’ age: :)


  10. Anu, actually, in Bhai Bhai, as I recall, Nimmi didn’t play the character whose love was in love with someone else – that was Nirupa Roy, who would cry over her drinking, philandering husband (Ashok Kumar), who’s fallen for the temptations of a deceitful villainess (i.e., Shyama, who I guess is irresistible when the competition isn’t Madhubala). I think that Nimmi’s bemoaning in this song because her lover (Kishore Kumar) is just very irritable. (Or is there something here that I forgot?)

    Anyway, thanks for the two songs; they certainly fit the theme! You’re right, they are sort of from the “new age” (though some comments at YouTube lament that today’s films can’t be like old films like these!). So, I will have to take longer to decide if I like these. LOL Actually, I like the music in the second one more… And I see that the music director is Bappi Lahri, who did do some really nice music, in spite of his “Disco King” status.

  11. @Anu, yes – Richard’s right about Nimmi being (for once) not the unloved female she so often portrays. I don’t remember either exactly what it was that she was so heartbroken about re: Kishore Kumar at this stage in the film, but he did love her, and only her.

    Ewww. I had thought of posting Kabootar jaa jaa jaa, but decided it just too vile to be posted along with the other songs on this page! I find that song pretty ghastly.

    @Richard: That’s Suman Kalyanpur, not Geeta singing playback for Waheeda.

  12. Dustedoff, of course it doesn’t even sound like Geeta and it makes sense that it’s Suman Kalyanpur (from what little I remember hearing of her – which actually could be mistaken for Lata much more than Geeta)… But I was rushing, and it actually says something about Geeta Dutt being the artist under the video, so I took their word for it for now… But now I see that there seems to be a different song listed there altogether, so it’s a bit screwed up. :)

  13. “but aren’t those first two songs more just bird songs than “A Girl and Her Bird?””
    Of course they are! But I just didn’t pay heed to your rule! ;-)
    No, somehow I got this ‘inspiration’ to write about it and off it went. All the same a good bit of trivia, isn’t it?

    As for bhor hote kaaga. It is a bird cage alright, but I don’t know of anybody keeping a crow in a bird cage. that would mean you would have a guest everyday at your house. Moreover during certain time of the year, the crows are revered as ancestors, who come to visit you and it is surely not a nice thing to cage your ancestor.
    And I doubt anybody would let a crow alight on his/her shoulder like in the song. a pigeon yes, a crow surely not, what with their reputation as scavengers.

  14. @ richard & madhu:
    If you have Nimmi in your film, it would be a total waste if you don’t give her a weeping (rona-dhona) song. I think just like Jeetendra demanded two heroines per film, Nimmi demanded a rona-dhona song per film. ;-)
    So if it fitted in the plot or not Nimmi got her sad song. This reminds of Nimmi and her cat, where she is not crying.
    Conclusion: The cat ate the bird and Nimmi started smiling.

  15. First a small clarification. WordPress because of some security protocol are not accepting my comments under my usual name AK, and have forced me to post it under my blogname.

    I can not praise this post enough. All the songs you have selected are wonderful and bear your stamp of coming up with something I have been desperately looking for decades. Surendra’s song from Lal Haveli made my day.

    Here I can not resisting posting two songs even if I know they do not strictly fit your rule. In Kahe koel shor machaye re the koel is just too prominent:

    Juthika Roy’s Chupke chupke bol maina is a non-film song, but it is so evocative you can imagine Noorjehan or Kamini Kaushal asking her Maina when her sajan would come.

  16. If everybody else is piggyback-riding on your post and choosing songs which have something to do with women and birds, here’s one. All right, no birds shown, but Mumtaz calls Mehmood her ‘mithoo‘ (parakeet), and cribs about how, even though she had a sackful of birdseed for him, he wouldn’t open his beak… :-)

  17. Harvey, those are interesting points regarding whether Asha Parekh’s character would really be keeping a crow in that bird cage. And nice to once again see the video that shows Nimmi as a blind girl gleefully chasing a cat. (You said “abusing” on your blog – but that’s not really fair.) If she is smiling because the cat ate the bird, that’s not so terrible, if she really loves cats. I confess that I once smiled when a cat of mine killed a bird in the yard and showed me his catch as if he wanted me to be proud of him. And I was in a way, because I hadn’t realized that he was such a good hunter! Cats actually are my favorite creatures, and I have almost always cared for them, while I never kept a bird. But birds make for many good scenes and songs in Hindi movies, and I still haven’t figured out yet how and when to do a satisfying cat songs list.

    AK, sorry about the weird behavior of WordPress. It also recently delayed a posting of a comment from Bombaynoir, by throwing it into the spam file (for no apparent reason). Maybe the WordPress comments system is going through a minor breakdown; hopefully, it will get better soon.

    Anyway, thank you for your kind words; I am glad you liked the list so much. And thank you also for sending those great songs. Yes, I love the song from Aag. And it’s great to receive a song from Juthika Roy also. (I actually have some Juthika Roy songs in a vintage film music CD that I listen to on my portable player pretty often – sometimes even on the NY subway.) I also like seeing the contemporary pictures of her… I believe she is the second-oldest living female vocalist ever to have sung for Hindi films – well, that I know of, anyway. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll be able to fully appreciate what you’re saying about the lyrics until I spend some time with my Hindi-English dictionary. But it helps seeing those nice pictures of birds…

    Ava, thank you for posting copy of “Aaj Mein Jawan Ho Gayi Hun” that is a little better in quality than the one that I posted before.

    Dustedoff, thanks for the interesting variation on the theme.

  18. Yeah cats are always so proud of their hunting skills. One of our cats in Bombay used to hunt squirrels and bring their tails as a trophy back home. No amount of chiding on our part helped. The other one used to bring live mice, kill them in our flat and take them out. Show-off! :-)

    “You said “abusing” on your blog – but that’s not really fair.”
    You know how I like to exaggerate!

  19. By the way, speaking of Nimmi and birds, I just picked up Uran Khatola today (among a few other things)… I haven’t watched the film yet, but I checked out the songs, and I couldn’t help but notice the beginning of this one:

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