10 comments on “Lovely Shamshad Begum Songs from the Punjabi Movie Koday Shah (1953)

  1. I love Wai mein gul; the others are new to me. I really liked Kachi kali te nazuk dil mera; the other two are pleasant enough songs, but not really spectacular (IMO).

    ps: Today’s also Vishu, the Malayali New Year. :)

  2. Thank you Richard for this lovely Baisakhi gift. I think I have heard Patther te leek hai quite often on the radio. The others are new, and I have never heard of the movie, maybe my older cousins saw this movie. There is no information about it on imdb!!!

    I must say the lyrics are pretty good too.

  3. Nice songs, Richard – I especially liked Wai mein gal – beautifully sung, though I’m afraid my Punjabi is awful, so the lyrics made very little sense to me.

    P.S. Yesterday was also the Bengali ‘Nada barsha’ (New Year), the Assamese Bihu, and the Maharashtrian Gudi Padwa – all of them variants of the same spring festival as Baisakhi and Vishu.

  4. Anu and Madhu, yes, “Wai Mein Gul” is also my favorite of these four (although, naturally, I also have no idea what the lyrics mean), and, of course, I like the dance as well as the song. By the way, thank you both for telling me about all the variations of the spring festival. Maybe next year I’ll try to bring it all together.

    Ava, I had actually heard “Wai Mein Gul” and “Ched De Tu Mera Duputta” before, and I didn’t think that out of all of them, “Patter Te Leek Ae” would have been the one played often on the radio. But that’s OK, I like all of them for the sound and music. I’m glad you like the lyrics, too. Does that mean you might like to translate some? :)

  5. I will try. But a bit later maybe. I am sure you would rather see subtitles on Sikander :D

  6. Shamshas id at her best in Punjabi (imho)

    Ok, Richard, I will try my best :)..it is very rough, I warn you!

    Covering up the issue with my veil, o beloved, I tell you my woes
    O, if only I would run into you alone, I would tell you my woes

    I was but a young innocent girl
    Relying on you I walked with you
    I was not that bad a person
    You snatched my heart
    I would tell you my woes…

    I stand close by the shadow of your eyes
    I look and see from within my sobs
    In your feet I poured all my sincere tears
    This strange illness that I have to bear
    I woudl tell you my woes…

    Don’t put your heart like some gold bangles
    Without you beloved, we are not going to be able to live a moment
    Just let me be near, I am not going to ask anything of you
    You don’t even have to give me a brass ring*
    I would tell you my woes

    P.S. I love the All-Female-Band we glimpse in the song!

    Chhalla – a special type of silver ring worn on the little finger ususally (toe-ring in Dogra region) was considered a statement of love in the Punjab. I can best describe it as a ring with a bunch of tiny balls when it was for the hand.

  7. I have just realised I am turning dyxlesic in my old age…
    Shamshad is at her best in Punjabi”

  8. Ava, I cant wait to see subtitles on Sikander. But now it doesn’t have to be one or the other, because Bawa has rescued us. Thank you, Bawa. And it doesn’t look like a bad song, either. But I will get back to this in a little while…

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