4 comments on “Another Shamshad Begum Song from Koday Shah (how could I have left out the two-legged camel number?)

  1. “Dachi” is a female camel that has yet to bear a young one, a very prosperous thing to own in old Punjab.
    In this case Shamshad sings to
    “My lover’s dachi, which is almond-coloured”

    Of course the most famous song including a dachi, the traditional “Dachi waliya” has been sung beautifully by Surinder Kaur, Noor Jehan and Rubina Qureshi. Surinder Kaur’s version here

  2. Bawa, thank you for the info above, helping me to make more sense of that Shamshad Begum camel song (and a few others), and for the Surinder Kaur version of a “Dachi Waleya” song that was also sung by Noor Jehan.

    But I have noticed that Noor Jehan sang two different “Dachi Waleya” songs. One was the same song that Surinder Kaur sang in the clip that you provided:

    But then there’s the song from Nooran, which we might have talked about before. (I have posted it a few times.) The title is slightly different, but I guess it is a takeoff on the famous song, specifically for the context of this film(?)…

  3. That’s odd – it’s not even dumped into the spam file. If you could try again, maybe it will work this time – that would be great.

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