12 comments on “Bizarre Coca Cola Commercial with Teenage Library Hipsters and Singing by Noor Jehan

  1. Wow, as a huge fan of Noorjehan this was a treat indeed! My Punabi skills are not all that great but I do know she was singing about quenching her thirst but have no idea what ‘coca cola’ really means. Of course that’s probably why the makers picked this song. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hello. I haven’t seen you comment here as Desimusicclub before, but your e-mail address in the WordPress info tells me you are somebody with another blog who knows I am a huge Noor Jehan fan too, who also may have helped me to become one – or more of one. Or, I could be mistaken. :)

    Anyway, it sounded to me as though she was singing “drink coca cola” :) … But my Punjabi is non-existent, and since I am still struggling with elementary Hindi/Urdu, who knows when I will get to learning Punjabi… But I love that voice in any language.

  3. Hi Richard – my blog (www.docbollywood.com) used to have the complicated moniker of desimusicclub when I first started it years ago so I guess that’s what happened. Yes, as a fellow Noor Jehan fanatic I agree that I heard her singing the same thing! Gonna have to ask a Punjabi friend of mine what she is actually saying and get back to you… Is this a US commercial or did you happen on it randomly?

  4. Minnatan kar kar haar gayi mein
    pyas nahi bujhdi meri
    soniya coco cola pila de
    zalima colo cola pila de

    I am tired of begging you
    I can’t slake my thirst
    My handsome, get me a coco cola
    You cruel one, get me a colo cola

  5. Hi, Sanket. Thanks for the explanation. Since I didn’t know the reason behind this strangely incognito appearance, I hope you appreciate that I was being careful not to reveal your true identity, assuming that I was even completely right about your true identity. :)

    Before I noticed your e-mail address, I almost wrote a comment asking if you’d been to my blog enough to realize that I was a Noor Jehan fanatic too. But as I was starting to say, maybe I wouldn’t have become such a Noor Jehan fanatic, or maybe it would have taken longer, if you hadn’t sent me that copy of Anmol Ghadi a few years ago. :)

    Ava, thanks for the translation. May I correct that so that it reads “Coca Cola” twice? :) Otherwise, it looks perfect!

    The answer re. how I “unearthed” this isn’t that interesting… The video was posted on YouTube by another Noor Jehan fanatic, “Jimmynoor68,” whose channel I am subscribed to. And so, this video was included in the list that YouTube posts of new videos from the channels I’m subscribed to. (BTW, that’s also how I discovered that Tom had posted all these songs from Babul. And then I wondered if he had posted the whole movie and started up the new movie channel that he had mentioned here briefly, so I searched for it. I had not yet seen Memsaab’s latest post, with her introduction to “Edu Productions.” :) )

  6. Oh Please Richard correct it, I did not realise I had misspelt the word, I do that so often. Sometimes I feel my mind rushes too fast for my fingers.

    The tune is pretty catchy. I have been mulling over this, the apperance of such ‘modern icons’ and happenings in folk songs.

    When coca-cola (careful!) appeared in this side of the world, it was greeted with awe (at least in the middle-class milieu that I belonged to). The singer wants to act coquettish and also show that she is modern.

    Similarly, during a wedding in a village in the interiors of Punjab, I was suprised to come across a ‘boli’ a two-line rhyme that preceeds a bout of dancing. It went

    “He promised me a nice saree, a nice necklace,
    but the blasted Cheen came in the way”

    The reference was to the Indo-China (Cheen) war!

  7. Oh bolis and Punjabi songs have always incorporated the latest! I love this Noor Jehan coca cola!

  8. I am glad everyone’s enjoying this one. And it’s nice to get this bit of cultural information. Though I would say, there are lots of good reasons NOT to glorify Coca Cola. But I’m not one to talk, since I am addicted to Diet Pepsi.

  9. I can literally listen to the Noor Jehan sons from Anmol Ghadi on a daily basis and not get tired of them. And bonus, now I have gotten my 3 1/2 year old son into ‘Jawan Hai Mohabbat’!

  10. Sanket, I’m pretty sure I can say the same thing. And that is great regarding your 3 1/2-year-old son – an excellent way to start his musical education, wherever he might take it in the future.

  11. Blasted Coca Cola!
    First Aamir and now even Noor Jehan!
    Is no one really safe from them?
    But they do know how to make good ads!

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