9 comments on “And today, Manna Dey also Joins Shamshad Begum in the 93 Club

  1. Belated Happy Birthday Mannaji.
    I like his singing voice. Quite rich.

    One of my favourite Manna Dey songs is;

  2. Thanks, Pacifist, that one’s nice.

    Actually, some of my favorite Manna Dey song sequences also included Balraj Sahni (picturized either on him or near him), but I went into those for the coincidence of birthdays (and May Day) last year. I found the one for this year’s post when I was looking for a duet between Manna Dey and Shamshad Begum (there aren’t many of those, I don’t think…). I also found Anu’s writeup of the film that this comes from, Musafir, and it definitely is a movie that I want to see. (Anu, if you’re reading this, I wrote a comment on your post but I lost it somehow; then time kind of ran out before I had to do many other things.)

  3. Anu’s neglecting her blog (and everyone’s too), but for a very good reason – she’s in India :-)
    She mentioned this over at harvey’s.

    I know of a few Manna Dey and Shamshad Begum duets. Are you going to put up a post?
    Musafir is available online, but unfotunately without subs.

  4. Oh, I just looked at comments on Harvey’s blog and saw some comment about that. Unfortunately, life has been such lately that I haven’t had as much time for other blogs (only my own, which is the first I escape to when times get rough – and they just recently have gotten rough(er) in here…). Also, Harvey’s latest blog post was about a quiz, and I knew that whatever it was, I wouldn’t get it.

    So… I had no idea Anu was going to Bombay. She had mentioned trips to Kerala, usually in August. So, this is news to me, thanks, Pacifist.

    Regarding the Manna Dey and Shamshad Begum duets – well, I looked for them but found very little, at least in terms of those that would actually have film clips to go with them. But maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right place or didn’t know where to look. This is it as far as any post I was going to do on the topic. I had actually thought about it as a combination 93rd birthday post, since they have 93rd birthdays just 17 days apart. But this is how it ended up :) , so if you have any more, feel free to send them on over under this post.

    By the way, I also thought of a combo 92-year-olds’ post on April 7, when Ravi Shankar turned 92, but the others hadn’t turned 93 yet. :) Also on the possible list was Sitara Devi, whose age actually was confirmed as 91 in an article I saw last fall, and Juthika Roy, who adds up to 91 or 92 as well. But, didn’t have enough time and material on hand to do that idea justice.

  5. I’m afraid you probably know these songs already. This one’s from Bewaqoof (with Edwins, so on tom’s site too).

    This fdollowing is from Miss India 1957.
    The voice sounds more like Lata’s, but one can hear the difference when she sounds like Shamshad. The reason why shamshad is the choice is because it says so on the clip :)

    This third one is from Mother India, and popular, and is not really a duet. It involves three singers.

    This one from Upkar, also not a duet, but three.

    There’s a 1948 film called Hum Bhi Insaan Hain with Manna De as one of the music directors and Shamshad Begum sings for him. This song does not mention the singers but to my ears it ‘does’ sound like Manna De and Shamshad

  6. nopes. Manna de is also one of the singers. there are so many of them. :-/

  7. As far as I know Manna Dey and Shamshad Begum sang only 3 duets-
    1. Film- Bewaqoof-60
    2. Film- Musafir-57 and
    3. Film- Lal Batti-57

    In 2 songs, namely in Mother india-57 and Upkaar-67 they were singing with some others too.


  8. I owe a three-year-belated thanks to Reeba/Pacifist for all the contributions above. I don’t know why I didn’t answer those before. These are all very nice to watch and lisen to, even if the Bewaqoof song is the only one that’s a genuine duet. (And, yes, that song clip sure does include Edwina. The post here in comments predates my membership on Facebook by three months. Once I joined Facebook, I ended up seeing that song quite a few more times. ;) )

    And thank you for the clarification, AD.

    I love the Bewaqoof and Musafir songs.

    From Lal Batti… “Desi Kya Bedesi” is amusing and different – one of those Latin beat songs? It would help if I could find an actual video clip, especially with English subtitles.

    It’s hard to believe there aren’t any more actual duets between Manna Dey and Shamshad Begum, but I suspect that if there were, you would surely know about them!

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