4 comments on “Contemporary guitar rock(?) versions of two old songs

  1. Just finished listening to awaaz de kahan hai! Wonderful!!!!
    Want to hug those guys and you as well !
    It made a good listening. They added something to it, without removing anything of the original. At least that is the feeling I have!

  2. Richard, thank you so much for these unusual renditions. I agree with Harvey about Awaaz de kahan hai – and the chap’s voice does have a wonderful quality about it.

    The second group, and song, is completely new to me. I loved the flute interludes!

    Thanks so much.

  3. Indeed very intersting experimnets.
    If Awaaz De Kahaan stands out for a new definition to the original, the second one has remarkable flute renderings with quite informal vocals.
    This also goes on to show that new generation would be quite willing to experimnet with old ideas.
    And, the results can be quite stunning as well as interesting!
    Are both generations listening?

  4. Thanks to all of you for the good comments – I am glad that these unusual renditions have gone over well.

    Harvey, that is funny that the song made you want to hug everyone… And thank you for the kind words!

    Anu, I think you are right that Kashif’s voice has a special quality in this song. And you and Ashok are right that the flute playing in this Laal performance is outstanding.

    Ashok, re. what you said, I think the key word there is “experiment.” It is so much better to experiment with old material rather than just trying crudely to update it. Of course, I’m thinking of all the commercial remixes that a lot of people love to hate. :) This singer Kashif is apparently a DJ/mixer too. I bet he can do an interesting remix!

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