11 comments on “Welcome to the New Theme

  1. Ooh. I like the new theme, Richard! Very smart. :-)

    You’re a conscientious soul, to go back and re-do all the videos. I don’t have the stamina to even attempt it…

  2. Thank you, Madhu. Yes, I have decided that it looks kind of smart too.

    And, yes, maybe I’ll have the stamina to redo a lot of videos, but I don’t think I’ll be posting as many nice, full writeups as you do, because I somewhat ran out of steam in that area a while ago. :) And I would never have the patience to find and post so many perfect screen caps! So, the least I can do is try to make sure that most of the videos that I depend on so much are visible and working.

  3. The earlier one was a bit unstable on iPad; this seems to be working better so far.

  4. Thanks, Swarup and Pacifist. By the way, I owe you both answers to some things. Sorry I’ve been slow to address comments. I’ve been spending all my blogging time and lots more trying to fix what happened to so many videos!

  5. Richar,
    At least in my case, you should not worry about replying. I just browsed through a special issue of ‘The Outlook’ on Indian films. Lot of it probably commissioned writing and there is no passion or much perception, just filling up pages. In blogs, one writes when one feels like, though sometimes one may feel that one has some audience and should not keep quite too long. Generally topics are about what one likes or is intrigued by and sometimes one conveys this pleasure or perception or query to others. It may help to clarify things for oneself at the same time inviting inputs from others. Sometimes some small communities form and work outside may be possible. I got involved in some social work through Internet connections. In any case, The Outlook articles are disappointing and I get more out of blogs like this because blog writings such as these are pursued for passion rather than obligation.

  6. Richard, you don’t have to worry about replying to my comments when you have so much going on. Wish you all the best and a successful solution to the problems of the blog. I agree with Gaddeswarup about the passion with which you write, research and express yourself on your blog.

  7. Richard,
    Is there a way to get to the latest comments? To me that was a way to see some of the interesting posts from the past instead of browsing from the beginning.

  8. Snazzy theme Richard! I like the big dates on the side with the pretty font – wish Blogger could do that in its standard formats. :) I empathize with your theme/video issues. Blogger has been throwing all sorts of curveballs our way too. They decided to force all of us to use a radically different setup for the main page where we post and maintain our accounts and stuff, and on top of that they made a ton of across-the-board changes which of course had bugs and made us users have to constantly test and check our blogs to see what new thing went haywire. I actually like many of the changes, but change is always hard! Anyway, the point of my writing that is that I totally empathize with you and it seems that both Blogger and WordPress seem to have some similar issues lately. Guess the grass always seems greener on the other side. :)

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