12 comments on “Found Again At Last – My Favorite Peacock Dance!

  1. Bright new theme!
    Lovely, makes it look all so positive and neat!
    Very good!
    Love it! I seem to have a rather conservative taste! ;-)

  2. It is fascinating how invariably women are decked up to dance as a (male) peacock. The peacock costume in the song though was a bit gaudy, wasn’t it? What with the strategically positioned black spots! ;-)
    Wonder what he is singing about. She doesn’t seem to be very delighted by it. From the moves it looks like a Taming of the Shrew theme.
    Speaking of peacock dances reminds me of Vyju’s bagad bam bam baaje damru in Kathaputli

    and Waheeda’s jangal me mor nachha in Shatranj

    If the peacocks are so near, can snakes be far behind? Planning a snake dance post? :-)

  3. Harvey, thank you for the peacock dances. I don’t think I’d seen the one with Waheeda and Madhumati before. That is fun, thanks. I have posted the Vyjayanthimala one before, along with this (surely, you didn’t forget this?):

    I will address the other thoughts in your comment a little later…

  4. Are there any peacock dances in ‘Mayur Pankh’? Just noticed that it is available on YouTube but have not watched it.

  5. beautyful padmini from irumalargal,boxoffice hit of 1967.
    Padmini looks like original peacock.even the original has to stand behind her.
    But vyjayanthimala looks artificial
    padmini’s hips,eyes,hair,long arms etc made her perfect fit for the dance.
    I dont know whether u have watched this film.if not watch it.also watch her tangapadumai,ethirparathathu(hindi:sharada),maragadam,deivapiravi(hindi:bindya),etc
    also please notice that she was not born on 12th june 1932,.every articles about her published this date.It ii 13th december 1933 and not 1932.some film experts here in kerala agrees this date but they argue that the year is 1934

  6. Harvey, regarding some of your other comments… Well, obviously, the peacock dance tradition is based more on human gender roles than peacock ones. Society is much more likely to expect a woman to be the one who knows how to sport pretty feathers (or feather outfits) and dance. And speaking of gender roles and society, I assumed that Sivaji’s character was perhaps being a bit forward sometimes and Padmini’s character was either only temporarily semi-offended (but not really) or feigning offense as part of the flirtation dance. (I was reminded here, actually, of the segment in Thiruvarutchelvar (which came out the same year), in which Sivaji behaves in a bit too forward a manner after Padmini performs “Mannavan Vandhaanadi”.)

    Swarup, I don’t know of any peacock dances in Mayur Pankh (although I guess there should be), but there are few delightful songs and/or dances in that film that I posted a little over a year and a half ago, and I just fixed the video clips about an hour ago :) .

    Padmini fan, I also like Padmini’s dance more than Vyjayanthimala’s (as is usually the case), and you are right regarding the “artificiality” of Vyjayanthimala’s dance, which I find to be a bit puppet-like. Oh, but wait a minute, the film is Kath Putli

    Regarding Padmini’s birthday, I would like to know what source(s) you are getting your information from. You say, yourself, that most publications say it is June 12, 1932. I have found in the past that when something appears on, say, Wikipedia, lots of sites and articles will just copy that information without fact checking. However, I haven’t found anything to indicate that everyone is copying a false date in this case, and I have written several Padmini birthday posts already, based on the information that I have! Meanwhile, I have seen Padmini contradict herself a few times in interviews regarding her own age, and she seemed not to have remembered exactly what the year was when she debuted in Uday Shankar’s Kalpana (although maybe that’s understandable, since it took about four years to make?). So, if you are basing your information on words from Padmini, herself, it might be wrong! :)

    It’s funny, because I’ve also seen the same disputes dragging on regarding Helen’s age (there has been some of that here, some on YouTube, on Tom’s channel and Mr. Naidu’s I think), and, apparently, Helen also contradicts herself regarding her own age, from one interview to the next.

  7. whwn the trav. sisters were at their peak in the 1950s, a book was published in malayalam giving the biography of the sisters.The book titled ”thiruvithaamkur sahootharimaar”(or travencore sisters)mention the date of birth of lalitha,padmini and ragini.and the sisters agreed with it.according to the book lalitha was born on 1932(but everyone bilieved the year 1930),padmini on 1933(or1934) and ragini on 1937.date of birth of padmini was 13th dec.(1933 or 1934).
    A trav. sisters fan(73 years old) told me that padmini debuted in kalpana at the age of 12 in the year 1946(then she may have born on 1934).but her film first released was kannika (1947)

  8. My contribution towards the peacock dances is not very special really, but it does happen to be apeacock dance with the heroine dressed as one for at least 3/4 of the song. It begins and ends with her wearing normal clothes.
    It’s a Mithun film.

  9. I should admit, I had forgotten about the JJPB peacock dance. It has beens uch a long time since I saw the film!
    Yeah the human society by and large does expect the female of the species to do the dance and carry feathers! :-)

  10. Harvey, just to answer your question – the song seems to be a stage performance; and it is obvious that Sivaji is taking advantage of the dance steps to be a little more forward than is necessary. Hence, Padmini’s annoyance. :)

  11. Padmini fan, well, you have a couple of sources and I have seen many that contradict them, including interviews with Padmini herself. Maybe she could remember her own exact age more clearly in the ’50s; I don’t really know. :) But since I am actually doing a lot to fix other old posts right now, I am just not strongly convinced enough to drop everything in order to change the dates of all my Padmini birthday posts. :)

    Pacifist, thank you for the Mithun film clip. How interesting that you posted this just a day or two before Memsaab posted her scathing review of Disco Dancer. :) By the way, in this clip, the dancer is not only dressed in normal clothes and dressed as a peacock, but at one point, also turns into a mermaid. That might be the most interesting part.

    Anu, thank you for the clip of “Nemaliki Nerpina.” That one’s really nice. What I like most, actually, is that singing by S. Janaki, to the music of K.V. Mahadevan (and judging by the comments under the video, other people agree :) ).

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