2 comments on “I’m on a real Shazia Khushk kick now!

  1. For me, Lal meri, any version only after any version of Nur Jehan and Nusrat Fateh Ali khan.

  2. Yes, I’ve had a few “Lal Meri Pat” posts here already. :) Noor Jehan’s stands above all the others for me, but that should be no surprise. Also very noteworthy are versions by Runa Laila, Abida Parveen, Junoon, and probably a whole lot more that I’m just not remembering off the top of my head at the moment. :)

    I am very impressed by what I’ve seen/heard of Sindhi folk, pop, and spiritual music up to this point (whether it is sung in Sindhi or Urdu)… It’s way up there on my list of regional musics of the Subcontinent. :)

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