5 comments on “A Little Science Fiction…

  1. wonderful. surely bradbury would approve. heard a bit of an old cspan interview with him. as cspan only does non-fiction (that is looking aside from much of what is said in politics :-):-( the question of the disctinction fiction/non-fiction came up. bradbury said that imagination preceded science – you have to imagine going to the moon before you can go to the moon. in celebrating imagination how could he not enjoy these visions? thanks as always.

  2. As always, Ann, you are most welcome.

    Who knows if Bradbury would approve? It’s hard to gauge what his opinions would be. I have to admit that sometimes when I’ve seen interviews with him, it seemed to me as though he was lost in space. :) But there’s no doubt about the artistic value of his works or their influence on science fiction.

  3. I like what Ann had to say, about ‘imagination preceeding science’.
    Sometimes this imagination can be amusing.
    I’m wondering if the man in ‘Trip to Moon’ song is the visitor on moon taking the trip – in that get up!!! :-D LOL
    A dressing gown with a head dress like a judge’s.

    Nice collection there, Richard. Couldn’t understand the second clip. Where are they supposed to be?

  4. Indeed a woderful tribute to Ray Bradbury.
    He would ceratinly appreciated the element of imagination – from conceptualization to realization.

  5. Pacifist, I haven’t seen A Trip to the Moon, just explored its marvelous songs, so I don’t know the details here, but I was wondering the same thing about that guy’s getup.

    Regarding the second clip, it’s from the film Kala Rasi. According to the description from the Wikipedia page, Science Fiction Films In India

    It is a film involving aliens who kidnap a girl from planet Earth so as to make the citizens of their planet learn arts from her. She is rescued by the hero from the villain alien. It is supposed to be the first alien visitation fiction film of Indian film industry.

    Ashok, thanks for confirming the appropriate of this post (as Ann did also). I am glad that people do, indeed, consider it a fitting tribute to Ray Bradbury.

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