7 comments on “Padmini and Lalitha in Laila Majnu (Telugu, 1949)

  1. thank you for posting this telugu song.I have its tamil version(dubbed from telugu).But there exists tamil laila majnu which also have lalli pappi dance.As a padmini fan and still 19 years old,i have collected padmini’s 24 hindi films,7 malayalam films and 103 tamil films.
    On her first birthday after marriage in 1961,she started a clinic called padmini clinic in front of her house in chennai and offered free treatment for poors,which was looked after by her husband.She is that much good woman and is very kind to poors.
    She was 3 months pregnent while acing in the film Aashiq and Rani samyukta.she danced and ride horse in film ,which was not good for a pregnent woman.While shooting the climax of film thangapadumai,she tried hard to make het character perfect by skipping her food.So she fall down due to giddiness while taking the shot.Shivaji told that the shooting can be postponded.But padmini didn’t allowed.She told director to take the shot in the same condition,so that the character would be perfect.The film was a huge boxoffice hit.
    Padmini has that much affection towards her job.She is aversatile actress.She not only studied bharatanatyam and kathakali,she also learned reading musical instruments like veena ,mrudungam,etc.She also learned carnatic music

  2. There is a Padmini interview on YouTube. In the second installment of about 52 minutes, she mentions working during pregnancy which led the premature birth of her son. The interview is mostly in Tamil but I could follow it a bit having studied in Madras for a few years. I wonder whether this is Padmini’s first film vodeo available until Kalpana videos come along.

  3. Happy Birthday Padmini!

    Interesting piece of dance.
    Laila Majnu in Telegu!
    Interesting how the story was adapted in different languages!

  4. On a different note this was the first big break for Ghantasala and probably Subburaman. They went on to even more popular songs in Devadas. Possibly because it is my mother tongue, I still cannot get over Ghantasala’s voice in this song
    Only Ritchie Havens in ‘ Freedom’ brings similar feelings in me.

  5. What an adorable dance number! I love the varying changes in music and visuals. Padmini (on the right, right?) I will never be able to recognize at this age. Lalitha, on the other hand, is easy to spot. :)

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