16 comments on “And coming sometime soon, my favorite nurses

  1. Now why is it that the first image that comes to my mind is of a weepy Meena Kumari in Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi? Not my favourite, though. Weepiness isn’t my thing. ;-)

  2. I guess that one’s not hard to figure out. :) Of course, there is also Jayashree in Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani, and there’s Noor Jehan in Dupatta. And there are others as well…

  3. Only Hindi films or India related films? The one I remember well is Ava Gardner in Bhowani Junction.

  4. No, my plan was only for films from the Indian subcontinent (which must include Pakistan, so that I can include Noor Jehan playing a nurse in the 1952 Pakistani film Dupatta). More specifically, they have to be in the “Bollywood” tradition, broadly speaking, which means with song and dance sequences! The only time I can remember posting from a Hollywood film or any film from the west in the past few years was when I posted dances by Ginger Rogers, the most prominent one being from a Busby Berkeley film. But that’s actually closer to the Bollywood tradition than most western films (though I don’t like the music nearly as much), and that gives it higher points for inclusion in this blog than whether it merely has an Indian locale or is about people in India.

  5. Looking forward to it.my first image is that of Meena in Dil Apna…
    and Mala Sinha in Phool Bane Angarey
    but there must be more!

  6. This is more of a query. I remember a Mukesh and chorus song, sort of slap stick, with nurses on stage. I thought Mukesh’ voice was great in that song and I do not remember the woman singer’s name. I had it on tape and also found it on one of the DVDs or VCDs that I had. It does not seem to be a well known song and I do not remember the time frame but the voice was great and so may be an early Mukesh. I wonder whether anybody can recall that song from this vague description.

  7. How about Waheeda Rahman in Khamoshi? Of course that was a remake of the Bengali original ‘Deep jwele jai’ in which Suchitra Sen played the same role. Lalita Pawar had a small but significant role in Anand. Nutan, if I remember correctly, was a nurse in Bandini when she commits the crime that puts her behind the bars. Lookin forward to the post.

  8. Yes, Subodh Agrawal, in Bandini, Nutan is not a nurse (i think) but does take on the good deed of nursing a t.b. (i think) patient in prison. But nursing and being a nurse… these may be different.

  9. @harvey: Yes, she doesn’t start off as one, but along the way she goes searching for someone (I’ve forgotten who), and of course she walks down the middle of the road, gets hit by a car, and ends up in hospital. When she’s well again, since she has nowhere to go, she decides to become a nurse.

    Oh, and another nurse: Vyjyantimala in Saathi.

  10. Madhu, I was going to ask you if you had forgotten about Vyjayanthimala, considering that you once reviewed Saathi. But judging by your review, maybe you preferred to forget about it. I was looking at your review of it today; maybe you got a hint of that in your stats. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to see a full, subtitled version. I skimmed through the un-subtitled version online, and I have enjoyed some of the Naushad soundtrack. (It is not my favorite Naushad, but still, it is Naushad!)

    Khamoshi is another film that I never saw in full. But I knew about Waheeda playing a nurse in that.

    I confess, I did not know anything about any of the nurses that Mala Sinha played! Mala Sinha is not one of the actresses that I know much about, and I never got drawn to her films. (Except, of course, I liked her in Payaasa. And as Harvey knows, I had fun unearthing scenes from her old Nepali films.)

    Maybe I should not have given away my ideas about the post before doing the actual post. I actually deleted this post about the future post, but I saw that people had already left comments, so I put it back. :-) But now that the ball is rolling, well, OK, these were the nurses foremost on my mind:

    Noor Jehan in Dupatta.
    Meena Kumari in Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi (which I watched on June 15-16 :-) ).
    Jayashree in Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani
    A nurse in a great scene in V. Shantaram’s Parchhaiyan. (I have no idea who played the nurse, and maybe no one knows. But her appearance and her expressions left an impression on me.)

    I cannot come up with any other nurses off the top of my head, but maybe I will go digging a little. Or maybe it will be a five-item post instead of a ten-item one (with many more items added by readers in comments, hopefully).

  11. So many comments for just mentioning it, Richard. :-)

    Unfirtunately there is no song with nurse Meena Kumari singing in her uniform.
    In fact I’m wondering if that is the criteria – singing in uniform.

  12. Thios the song I had in mind. But I havs not seen the film and do not know Hindi well and I am not sure whether it has anything to do with nurses

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