11 comments on “Nurses – Part 1

  1. Richard, I read the heading of this post on my blog roll, and automatically, my mind went to Meena Kumari in Dil Apna aur Preet Parayi. :) I’m glad you had her here.

    I do not know whether you mean to add this later, but one film that would fit this profile is Khamoshi. Waheeda Rehman is the nurse. She’s not singing it, but it is picturised on her.

  2. Richard, I’m so glad you reminded me of Dopatta – I now remember reading about it on your blog, but had forgotten about it. That scene and the song from the film have convinced me I must watch it soon. (Have now found it on Youtube, and bookmarked it).

    I’d forgotten about Qing Lan being a nurse. I thought Jayshree’s acting pretty theatrical in places, but it’s a good movie overall, and I believe fairly true to Dr Kotnis’s life.

  3. Loved the second song from dupatta, ‘chandini raatein’. The story itself is intriguing. I’m also going to watch it.
    It seems Meena Kumari wore a lot of white during the later stage in her acting carer as a maturer woman.
    My favourite nurse is of course the one from ‘Dil Apna aur Preet Parayi’ :)
    I was surprised to see that the uniform suited her so well. She looked elegant, and very convincing (at least I was very convinced) as a nurse. A vey well made and acted film IMO.

    Haven’t seen Parchaaiyan. The song is good.I did see Dr Kotnis KI Amar Kahani after reading the review over at Dudtedoff. Nice film though as DO says – theatrical acting by the nurse Jayshree.

    Looking forward to Part 2

  4. Lovely post, Richard! Very interesting as well.
    Meena as nurse in Dil Apna Preet Parayi is indeed iconic.

    But what really caught my interest is Dupatta. The plot is intriguing but the acting leaves lot to be desired for my taste. The camera angles are also very interesting.

    Looking forward to your Part 2

  5. I’ve got to see Dupatta! I get nurses and nuns mixed up constantly, although I know they are not the same thing at all :D

  6. Apologies to all for the long delay in response! I had actually started a response and it disappeared. Then, big distractions in life.

    Madhu, someone else sent me an article about the “real Mrs. Kotnis” at about the same time that you posted this. That was quite a coincidence! Well, it was good that she lived until a decent age; 96 isn’t bad. Though it’s a sad thing to happen at any time.

    Regarding Dupatta, since I last visited these comments, you wrote your excellent review. (I hope everyone checks that one out! And Harvey, I am assuming that you surely watched the film by now.)

    Pacifist, that is an interesting point about Meena Kumari wearing a lot of white during the “maturer woman” stage of her acting career. (Though 30s doesn’t really seem that much “maturer” to me. But, of course, poor Meena never went beyond her 30s.) Would she always have the say in what she wore? It seems to me the directors, art and costume staff, etc. would play a big role in determining the clothing worn, but I don’t really know that much about the dynamics there.

    Yes, I really should get to Part 2 soon…

  7. Thank you, Richard, for the link to my review of Dupatta – and thank you for recommending it in the first place! I really, really liked that movie.

    I’m looking forward to part 2!

  8. Though Kanan Devi was not a nurse in Jawab (1942), if my memory is right, she quite embodies the spirit of one when she tends to PC Barua most tenderly. Barua insists that she sing to him, and only then will he sleep. Chhupo na jaana has to be one of the best lullabies in Indian film music.

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