4 comments on “Sounds of Baby Noor Jehan in Gul-E-Bakavali (1939)

  1. Initially I was put off by the quality of recording, which sounded like a 33 rpm disc being played at 45. But then the music got through the distraction and connected with me. The second piece sounded the best to me. Thanks for locating and posting these historic recordings.

  2. Subodh, the last song still sounds the best to me – and I guess that is the real classic? It is featured on my favorite compilation CD, Evergreen Hits of Noor Jehan. :)

    Padmini Fan, thank you for the link – didn’t bother to convert it to a video here because it instantly became a post! (By the way, if you would like links to show up as videos, I think your best bet is just to type them on an extra line, without any “&…” specs at the end.)

    Anad Foundation, thank you… Though which posts are you referring to? That’s a rather generic comment – so much so that I confess, there is a part of me that says, maybe this is a spam! But even if it were…that’s OK, because I like the link!

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