13 comments on “Padmini and Lalitha in Kannika (1947)

  1. How wonderful to see this! Goodness, they are such babies in this! Padmini looks like her later self at times in certain facial expressions. Richard – I’ve been meaning to ask you, are you aware of any books or biographies published on Padmini, something like Vyjayanthimala’s memoir Bonding? I seem to remember reading somewhere, maybe it was here, about Padmini working on a book but not finishing it before her death. I’m very curious about learning about the Travancore sisters’ backgrounds when they were young. Cheers! ~Minai

  2. I left a comment here yesterday! :( Of course, it was such a brilliant comment too! Equally of course, I do not remember one word of it. Bad WordPress!

    This is such a fascinating discovery, Richard. I loved the way the sisters looked – it is only on the expressions that one can even identify them. Thanks for putting up this clip.

  3. I have a copy of this movie.I wish,if someone could upload the movie Bhoja/Bhojan(1946).Thre is a Lalitha-Padmini Nadanam in this movie.Kannika is said to be one of the earliest movies of Lalitha -Padmini.I have heard that their younger sister-Ragini began with with a Kannada movie.Please upload that movie,if u could find it out….
    Any way thanx for this pleasant gift!!!

  4. hai manu j krishnan,
    you could not say-”this is one of lalitha padmini’s earlier film”.and bojan is not released on 1946.its after 1947.their second film is truely kannika . I have the copy of bojan.

  5. WOW! What a find this videoclip is!
    BTW, I have cleared one more misunderstanding ( in so far as my knowledge is concerned) today – I always thought that whenever ‘Kalpana’ was referred to it was ‘Kalpana’ of 1960 for which the music was composed by O P Nayyar.
    One query , whilst on the subject: I searched for the entry Padmini in Kalpana and could find a Wikipedia entry – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalpana_(1948_film) .
    Why does it show Kalpana as a 1948 film?

  6. Minai and Anu, glad you appreciated this early glimpse, and you are absolutely right that Padmini and Lalitha are virtually unrecognizable except for the facial expressions… Although I think I have started to recognize Padmini’s looks in the early films. At first, it was very difficult. As I’ve said before, I think the Padmini that we know so well really didn’t start looking like “herself” until about the time of Mr. Sampat, 1952. (Tom, if there is any chance that you are reading this…I think we had an e-mail conversation about that at least a couple of years ago… Don’t recall who mentioned it first, but I think we agreed that that was sort of the cut-off point.)

    Manu and Ashok, Padmini danced in Kalpana before 1948 (probably 1946?), but the film took a long time in production. I think Padmini Fan got this one right… So, it did come out in 1948, and Kannika came out in 1947. But because Padmini danced/acted in Kalpana first, that counts as her first film. Manu, thanks for pointing out that it was Lalitha’s first film, too. I thought I had read that it was the first Travancore Sisters film… But that would mean Ragini, too, and I guess she did not start appearing until a little later (my guess – ’49?)…

    Apologies for the weirdness in WordPress’s comments system. Anu, Minai’s comment got lost, too, but she sent it to me over private e-mail, and I took some time to post it myself as a comment coming from her (and I will gladly do the same for you if there is a problem again)… By the way, Minai, there have been some books here and there that included biographical information about the Travancore Sisters. In another post, Padmini Fan mentioned one written in the ’50s. (Padmini Fan, could you tell us again here?) Anyway, I will have to look for that comment and get back to that question in general.

    And by the way, apologies from me for taking so long to answer these comments, too.

  7. I invite you to my 3rd Grand Show -RAGINIYUM CANCERUM (RAGINI & CANCER)- A rare photo exhibition of Travancore Sisters and Awarness on Breast Cancer to be held on 8th &9th of September,2012 at SMSS Hindu Mahila Mandhiram Poojapura(d first school of Lalitha -Padmini).The function will be inaugurated by Honorable Health Minister,Govt of Kerala .Actor Krishna will be one of the special guests.Contemporary(ies) of Travancore Sisters will be honored .There will be Awareness Session on Breast Cancer and a Photo -Audio on Ragini and her life.Thrift of the show will b donated for d cause of women with breast cancer.. So please make it a point that you too join for a great cause.


  9. Hi Richard, I’m a huge padmini fan and love your blog. But it doesn’t have two of my favorite padmini dances –


    I fell in love with her after watching these two dances – she’s absolutely gorgeous in them and dances wonderfully too (obviously :)).

  10. John, thank you for the nice words and the great dance recommendations. You probably knew that the first one you recommended is on my YouTube channel (right?). (By the way, it took some effort, but I finally got WordPress to convert both of those links to clips the way it normally does – for some reason, that function wasn’t working right.) And that second dance that you recommended is from one of the YouTube channels of one of my (perhaps our) favorite bloggers, Minai.

  11. I was watching the dance the duo performd n wonderd which film? N the year? Gud to get the info i ned’d. Thanx

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