13 comments on “Happy Birthday, Meena Kumari, and Happy Raksha Bandhan!

  1. Thank you Richard and all best wishes of the day. As always a perfect selection. Wonderful :-)

  2. kaajal,this is the same film that comes to my mind.especially the scene in which ,when padmini ask meenakumari to tie rakhi in the day of raksha bandan to dharmendra.but she refused to do it .and padmini scolding her

  3. Thank you for the good words, Ann, and I am glad that you like it.

    Padmini Fan, yes, Padmini was very good in this… She did an excellent job here playing a not-so-nice character. I did pick up the film a few years ago, so some of the scenes are not that vivid in my mind… And it was one of a few late ’60s Padmini films that I picked up around the same time. No, I didn’t originally buy this to see Meena Kumari or Dharmendra, I bought to see Padmini. :)

  4. I buy any film to see padmini,her long hands,eyes,voice etc.padmini can become a meena kumari or vyjayanthi or nargis, but reverse dont happen ( in my openion).for me the top ten actress in indian cinema is
    10. Nargis
    9. Vyjayanthi
    8. Ragini (only dance,she overacts)
    7. Sharada
    6. Savithri
    5. Meena kumari
    4. Lalitha
    3. Padmini
    2. Padmini
    1. Padmini

  5. o padmini fan — what about nutan (who died too young) and waheeda rehman who has aged so gracefully. especially their early black and white films. and sharmila tagore if for nothing else her role in ray’s apu trilogy. ahh choices choices.

  6. Padmini Fan, I think you have a very respectable list. :) Padmini was my number one for a couple of years. But as much as I like dancing, I also like singing, and my tastes often turn to the North. So, Noor Jehan edged out Padmini after a while. But then there is acting. Noor Jehan and Padmini have been very good at times, but Meena Kumari was completely the best actress. Padmini still tops my dancers’ list. Kamala was probably even more skilled as a dancer (and still shows it sometimes, in her classes and public demonstrations here in the U.S.), but Padmini was the most beautiful to watch. I certainly agree with you about that!

    Ann, those are all good actresses. But none of them are in my top ten, either. :)

    Shakilakhtar, thank you for your fascination and amazement. :) But there are quite a few non-Indian people who have blogs or channels in this little corner of the Internet who at least equal me in the fascination and love of these actors, films, etc. (And I assume it is because of my different location and roots that you are left with these feelings – correct?) Examples from my links list in the sidebar include Memsaabstory, Minai’s blog, Parties, Sarees and Melodies, Bollywood Deewana, and the Tommydan channels. (And also Beth’s blog, though I think she is much more focused on contemporary stuff.)

  7. Your choice too, Richard. It’s not easy to get Meena and a Rakhi song together to mark the two occasions.

    I love this rakhi song from Anpadh.

  8. Wonderful, you got an excellent song featuring a Rakhi song and Meena Kumari. Not hard to me like it, I am an emotional fool when it comes to festival songs, and I love ALL rakhi songs.

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