3 comments on “Laal, “Vo Jang”

  1. Thank you for making me discover this group, this video is full of references. Do you know if the name laal is for their political commitment as it means red in hindi and urdu ? I am going to follow and try to know more about them.

  2. You are welcome, Negi. I recognized quite a few references to poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The “Laal” does stand for socialist. The singer Taimur Rahman belongs to a communist party in Pakistan (although he appears to have spent more of his past in the UK). Looking closely at his views (having watched videos of some talks that he gave apart from Laal), I find he is a bit too much an adherent to the historical, Marxist-Leninist mainstream of communism (while I am sort of in the western anarchist-influenced Rosa Luxemburgist-revivalist wing :) ). However, I cannot find one thing to quibble about in the lyrics to Laal’s songs, and I think many stand out as either excellent protest songs or wonderful celebrations of resistance to the forces of oppression in Pakistan and in the world. Or course, they are heavily influenced by Faiz, and I have also become a big Faiz fan.

  3. I watched this song, waiting to see what it was that would appear at about the 4 minute mark… and yes, that has to be my favourite moment too! :-)

    Good song, even besides that.

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