6 comments on “Mayuri Dance Group Performing “Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu” Near the Manhattan Side of the Staten Island Ferry

  1. Richard,
    I love the fact that ‘Mayuri group was founded in 1987 at the Railway Workers Cultural Center of Petrozavodsk’. After seeing this post, I looked around and posted some links in my blog. There is an interview mostly in Hindi (I could not follow well) with some members of the group. Most of the New York dances are in the links in
    I used choo instead of chu since it is spelled that way in one of the original Hindi videos. Incidentally, I find that with most Hindi singers, I cannot stand a number of the songs. Saigal, Geeta Roy/Dutt are the exceptions. I do not seem to mind any of their songs. This one of Geeta is one of my favourites.Thanks for the pointer.

  2. Swarup, thank you for the link to your blog post and therefore the New York Times article. I had no idea that the Mayuri Dance Group would get such mainstream exposure. And I agree that it is great that the Mayuri Dance Group was founded at a Railway Workers Cultural Center! (Maybe they should be performing to more train songs? And more proletarian numbers, too.) Re. Hindi singers, that’s an interesting comment… When you said you couldn’t stand “a number of the songs,” I guess you were referring to the Mayuri group’s repertoire? I wish they did more classic/vintage stuff, but fortunately, they do some.

    I agree that Saigal and Geeta Roy/Dutt stand out above most. Of course, I always take most to Madam Noor Jehan. I love much of Lata’s singing, especially from the early days, but with such a huge stretch of time and wide range of films, there is going to be a lot of stuff that is not so delightful. I find Hindi singing from the 1940s and ’50s almost always to be more enjoyable than the vast majority of stuff I have heard from the “western world.” As the Hindi films get more recent, my enthusiasm declines somewhat, but I don’t think I would say “can’t stand” that often…

  3. Richard,
    May be I should have added Noor Jehan too but I did not listen to that many of her songs. Perhaps if I know Hindi, I will appreciate more songs. May be one of these days, I will put in a couple of months of hard yakka and learn Hindi. But I want to learn probability and statistics first. In their videos the Mayuri explain some of the background to their songs. There is one called Ashta Lakshmi which gave the background that I did not know being allergic to religious things. Regards,

  4. Richard
    Thanks for the links. This thread got me wondering about an unrelated question. I enjoy film songs a lot but it seems that often many of the songs could have been sung by any one of the top singers. Somehow, in spite of the variety in voices, skills etc, inspiration on the part of the singer seems to be missing from many of the songs. May be the format with the short span does not allow too much originality from the singer. I think that some songs of Manna Dey have it. In Telugu songs, Bhanumati was supposed to have defied music ditectors sometimes and sang the way she thought was apprriate. I may be mistaken. May be at some stage, you can suggest some songs in which the singer seemed inspired rather from the whole format coming from the music director lyricist situation in the film etc. It os a vague question but I wondered off and on about it. In lot of classical singing, I see it but there is plenty of time for the singers to come in to their own and the format is not so rigid.

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