10 comments on “Every time I watch these scenes from this film, I am left with two seemingly contradictory thoughts regarding Shyama

  1. Richard, I think it’s not surprising to have these thoughts about Shyama in this film Barsaat Ki Raat. And to think Madhubala was also in it as the heroine – but Shyama occupies a lot of our attention.

  2. Now, that IS very interesting!
    Please keep us abreast of the latest developments.

    Although very contradictory it is very much understandable, wanting somebody badly is wanting to be that person! So, don’t you worry just enjoy!

  3. Off topic. I was listening to some Punjabi songs from Posti 1951 and there is one Shyama there. Is she the same Shyama?

  4. Oh that is understandable. Heer sang : Ranjha Ranjha kardi ni me aap Ranjha ho gayi. I spoke Ranjha’s name so often that I became Ranjha.

  5. Richard, in those two songs? Completely normal, I assure you. :) Besides, isn’t it said that when you are truly in love, you become one with your beloved? The Bhakti movement was very insistent that it was so… hence the bhajans that could pass off as love songs.

  6. Thank you to all for confirming that there is great spiritual sense in the (seeming) contradiction that I was describing. (Harvey seemed to be going somewhere else at first, but I see that he also ended up pointing to the same conclusion.) Ava and Anu, those are very interesting examples. Pacifist, for me this was actually much more Shyama’s film than Madhubala’s. :)

    Swarup, here’s a clip of Shyama in Posti that we can attach to the recent Asha thread as well:

  7. This is my most favorite qawwali song and Manna Dey is awesome here. And, Shyama, of course, is very charming. I particularly liked her in Tarana (1951).

  8. Hi, Nivedita. Yes, I thought Shyama was great in Tarana also. And it is interesting how Shyama came out looking so great in two films in which the heroine, who is also her rival in love, happens to be Madhubala.

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