5 comments on “From Mixpherion: A Favorite Song from Bhai Bhai in Tamil, by Jikki Instead of Geeta

  1. Richard,
    Jikki seems to be very good both in original songs as well as ‘dubbed’ film songs where she is often as good as the original singers. Her songs from ‘Prema lekhalu’, Telugu version of ‘Aah’, and Avan in Tamil are still popular. One of my favourite singers.

  2. I tried to remember whether there are any songs which Jikki sang first and Geeta Dutt, the dubbed version. I cannot recall any immediately. There is one by K. Jamuna Rani in Jayasimha (1955) and the similar song ‘Aaj mere yeh ishaare ‘ in Jai Singh (1959) was sung by Geeta Dutt.

  3. Oops. I knew that I was missing some thing. It is not a dubbed version. Savitri and Gemini Ganesh were the main stars in the Tamil film Thirumanam 1958.

  4. Swarup, thanks for all the details! Yes, I have always liked Jikki’s singing too.

    By the way, I like the songs that Jikki and Geeta Dutt sing together in Mr. Sampat…

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