5 comments on “A few for the birthday of Bhanurekha Ganesan

  1. Richard, nice of you to remember. :) My favourite song from Umrao Jaan, though I also love In aankhon ki masti mein is this one:

    From Ijaazat

    And, of course! (Because you cannot have the one without the other…)

    Happy Birthday, Rekha!

  2. Richard!!! Lovely songs… Kudos to you for choosing Khaali haath shaam aayi…. I get goose bumps whenever I listen to it… Coz, whenever Rekha songs are discussed Umrao Jaan gets a special mention…. Though everyone talks about Anuradha’s role in Ijaazat, it’s Rekha’s role that I cherish… She looks absolutely stunning…. :) Thanks again…

  3. I had typed a comment response to all of you and it disappeared and then I dragged my proverbial feet (would those be my typing “feet”) in writing it again… Sorry about that!

    Anu, thank you for the excellent clips. I chose the particular one from Umrao Jaan that I chose partly because it had a nice dramatic scene in it, showing Rekha’s fine acting, and more importantly, it had English subtitles!

    Ann, I am glad that you liked all of these so much. You are welcome.

    Viju, thank you for the nice words. But it was Anu who chose “Khaali Haath Shaam Aayi.”

    My knowledge of good Rekha songs isn’t that extensive, because this is not really “my” era. (I would be better at picking out good Rehana Songs. :) ) And, actually, I myself wasn’t even much of a Rekha fan until I finally watched Umrao Jaan.

  4. Thanks a ton Richard for pointing out!! Sorry Anu Warrier for not having noticed who had posted these songs. Thanks for selecting Khaali Haath… I had a long long discussion with one of my friends in a Forum for why I like Khaali haath …… Though there songs like Mera kuch Saaman and Katra Katra…. Khaali haath is my favorite….. the pangs of a neglected wife when she knows where her husband is!!! Thanks again!!

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