9 comments on “Dilip and His Leading Ladies – Six of My Favorite Dilip Kumar Duets (or duets plus…)

  1. OK, now I am going to cheat and add another one in comments – because I realized a few hours after I wrote this post that the list should have numbered seven and included this:

  2. Ah, lovely songs, Richard! (and thank you for the link to my post – much appreciated). I like all the songs you’ve listed, some more than others. Uden jab-jab zulfein teri is a particular favourite of mine. And I must, must watch Jugnu.

    Here’s another Dilip Kumar duet I particularly like, from Azaad:

  3. Of your original list, Yahan badla wafa ka is very, very dear to my heart. Of course, I should have known you would add that. :) I’m so glad you added Do sitaron par zameen par, even if it is an afterthought, Richard! And Madhu added my other favourite Kitna haseen hai mausam.

    Others that I absolutely love: Seene mein sulagte hai armaan from Taraana

    I wanted to add this to Madhu’s post but it is a duet. I’m so glad I could add it here. :)
    Lagi chhoote na from Musafir

    Maang ke saath tumhara from <i.Naya Daur

  4. So far some I listen to often are in neither post; may be generation gap kicking in. In any case here are two of my favourites, one solo ( after a ioss up with ‘gayeja geet milan) and one duet

  5. Needless to say they are all so wonderful, Richard. I don’t think there’s any song of his which is bad, average might be.
    Your choice of ‘do sitaron ka zameen par’ would have been mine to post here, so instead I’ll post this one.

    Passing snide and sarcastic comments about his leading lady Kamini Kaushal with a very suitable expression on his face, I’d say this is quite an interesting duet – and Dilip Kumar in Shabnam 1949

  6. Thanks to all for the great list of additions!

    Swarup, I don’t see how you could see that “generation gap kicking in” with me! You’ve selected from the same movies that I did, and for the duets, I might easily have made those selections instead.

    Madhu, thanks for the Azaad clip. How strange that I left Meena Kumari out of my original list! Though I am glad I resolved that quickly, and you added another one. (I didn’t quite remember that duet, but all the Dilip/Meena scenes/songs in that film are way overshadowed in my memory by the Sayee Subbulaxmi ones!)

    Anu, that is a fine one from Tarana, but I opted for “Main Nile Main Hue Bawre” and the surrounding scene in part because the interaction gives a nice glimpse at the famous Dilip-Madhubala chemistry at its peak. The Musafir clip is interesting (that film has an interesting soundtrack) and, of course, who could forget the Naya Daur tonga song?

    Pacifist, thanks for that one. I’m not familiar with Shabnam (not sure why I’m not), and this looks great!

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