4 comments on “Rocking jungle song from the Pakistani film Nadira (1967)

  1. Ah, nice. As you might expect (considering my very rudimentary knowledge of Pakistani cinema), I’d never come across this song before. But it is good. And I can’t figure out which part of the Indian subcontinent they’re supposed to be from, either. Some ambiguous stretch of land in Central India? Who knows.

  2. Richard,
    Perhaps American Indian is the answer. I remember Phoolan Devi wearing something similar.

  3. Madhu. glad you liked it. But when I asked myself, “Which kind of Indian is this?” I was thinking more along the lines of what Swarup said. (And I’m not the first one to ponder this sort of thing… I recalled Sitaji from Bollywood Food Club once saying about something, “Hey those are the wrong kind of Indians!”)

    Re. Phoolan Devi, that’s…interesting… But I think she was still a baby when this film above was made…

  4. *slaps forehead*

    Yes, now that I think of it, of course – not Indian Indian, but Native American Indian. I wonder too, which kind.

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