5 comments on “Happy Birthday, Suman Kalyanpur!

  1. Anu, that is true – the cat doesn’t look too happy with its birthday party!

    Oh and right, that is Edwina and gang, isn’t it? I haven’t been quite as in touch with the Edwina business as some people out there. :)

  2. my fav suman kalyanpur solo:
    naa tum hame jaano – Baat Ek Raat Ki [1962]

    and duet:
    theriye hosh me aa loo – Mohabbat Isko Kahete Hain [1965]

  3. And the guy to whose video you linked stole it from me. But, since mine isn’t up these days, I can’t complain much.

  4. Harvey, thanks – those are both sweet-sounding songs.

    And hi, Tom. Yes, I remember you writing some words about this some time ago and wondered if it was your video. The quality certainly indicates as much.

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