5 comments on “See Kalpana (1948) for Free Online, and/or at the Brooklyn Academy of Music at the End of February

  1. Hi Richard, thanks for the plug. :) Isn’t Kalpana great! I’ve just been watching it in bits and pieces so far, but I love the dances, and the love the beautiful Amala Shankar! Anywho, I’d be very interested to hear about your experience if you’re able to see the screening later in the month. I suspect the upload at Pad.ma is from a VHS tape (given the tracking lines at the bottom and occasional stuttering) and is not the same as the restored version that played at Cannes…I bet the one at the screening is the pristine restored version…just imagine what some of the dances would love like in such quality on the big screen! That’s all for now, toodles! :D ~Minai

  2. Oh silly me – the Brooklyn Academy of Music flyer clearly states at that link that it’s the World Cinema Foundation restoration. You should definitely see it!!

  3. Richard,
    I am also at a disadvantage since I know very little Hindi. Somehow, I expected to be disappointed but I watched the film without even a cigarette break. I read Mohan Khokar’ s biography after Minai mentioned about it. Tje film seems autobiographical as well as his vision of and for India. Unfortunately, the biography is difficult to get hold of. Fortunately our university library had a copy. I doubt whether it will be republished, his son said somewhere that there is very little money in music publishing. May be it will be digitized at some stage. I wrote a bit about it in my blog
    I wonder how much better the film would have been with Simkie. Amala Shankar said somewhere that she was no way comparable to Simkie. I also wonder whether the other woman in the film was based on Simkie. On the whole, it was wonderful to see his choreography and many of the people’s dances.

  4. Swarup, I know what you mean about expecting to be disappointed by this film but not having it turn out that way at all. And thanks for the link to your blog post (which I would have found anyway, of course :) ) That’s an interesting writeup and I would like to see that book some time.

    Who knows how the film would have been with Simkie? But the cast was pretty impressive as it was.

    Harvey, hope you liked it as much as we did!

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