7 comments on “Meera (1945) (Tamil, with English subtitles)

  1. >This is a sweet and beautiful film that kept me watching from the first moment to the last.

    That’s what I did. Actually I just wanted to get a general impression and then watch it later when I had more time, but I just kept on.
    The music is fantastic, MS Subhalakshmi is fabulous, her exquisite expressions of devotion are so open, and calm.
    Can’t help comparing it to Hema Malini’s Meera. I consider her a low quality actress, but she did manage a good expression of devotion and did a good job.
    Thank you for the link. Love both versions.

  2. Richard, thank you for posting about one of my favourite films. I watched this a long time ago, because I was curious to see MS act. She acted in this film because it was about Meera. What songs! This really was an incredible film to watch. I have bookmarked the link to watch it again. Thank you.

  3. I have seen MS Subbalaxmi in the Hindi film Meera. Her voice is fabulous of course. i think I will enjoy this film as well. :)

  4. I watched this movie as a reel-to-reel film 35 years ago but have not been able to find a copy since until I saw the online version shown above. Unfortunately, it is not of sufficient resolution to view on a large screen. I see that the logo in the upper right of the video says “Modern Cinema”. I located a potential source online, but the site does not appear to be secure for purchasing and has not responded to my inquiries.

    Does anyone know of a reliable source for the purchase of a high quality version of this film (with english subtitles)? It seems to me that someone (in India or elsewhere) might be happy to ensure that this cultural and spiritual treasure will be available for present and future generations to enjoy!

  5. Any idea how we can watch it with English subtitles now? Video posted here is no longer available :(

  6. Kira, sorry that the video isn’t there anymore – and thank you for alerting me to that! Well, it has been eight and a half years since I wrote this post, and it’s not uncommon for a YouTube video to disappear in that time… Anyway, I will look in the near future to see if I can find a new copy – and please feel free to look around, too, and let me know if you happen to find one! (That goes for anyone else out there as well.)

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