3 comments on “A Mixpherion Video: Noor Jehan and G.M. Durrani Sing for Padmini and Sivaji Ganesan

  1. Trust you Richard to come up with something unique each time! Haath seene pe jo likh do on Sivaji Ganesan and Padmini ia too good. The YT uploader mentions it is from the film ‘Punarjanmam’, and also mentions he has tried to picturise it on them. That means it is not from a real clip, but someone’s creativity? I am clueless about Tamil, but a very knowledgeable person, Mr N Venkataraman is writing a series of guest articles on my blog on similar songs in Tamil and Hindi films. I would refer it to him to throw some light on this.

  2. Thank you, AK! In answer to your question: Yes, that video is a product of the uploader’s creativity and not a real clip. In fact, our mysterious friend who does these Mixpherion videos has put together other videos of Noor Jehan on Padmini before, and I think that trend started shortly after I mentioned that I wished we could have seen a song of Noor Jehan singing for Padmini. :)

    I can, however, think of one instance where a famous Noor Jehan song was directly copied for a scene in a Tamil film, and the star of that scene was Kumari Kamala. Someone mentioned that to me not too long ago, and then I saw the scene unearthed in a post at Minai’s blog. The clip includes other things as well (and Padmini makes an appearance here too), but this song starts at 6:27:

  3. Mr Richard,
    Yesterday I received a mail from Akji. The Tamil audio and Hindi video of the song (mix) ‘Haath Seene pe rakh do’ was very interesting. I have used such Audio/Video mix songs in my second article on dubbed version songs which will be appearing soon in SoY.
    I am neither an ardent South Indian film fan, in the real sense, nor a Padmini fanatic, but I will try to fill in a little. I will address this in two parts.
    1. Information on the Tamil Video. Akji has mentioned in his comment that it is from the Shivaji Ganeshan – Padmini starrer ‘Punarjanmam’. I can only add that the film was released in 1962 and present a clipping of the original Tamil song. But the story does not end here. Listen to the song and you will find that the Tamil (Original?) song was an inspired version of another (earlier) Hindi Film Song.
    ‘Ullangal ondragi’ by A M Rajah and P Susheela, Lyrics Pattukottai Kayanasundaram, music T Chalapati Rao, film Punarjanmam (1962)

    ‘Ye Wadah karo’ by Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar , lyrics shailendra, music Shankar Jaikishan, film Raj Hath (1956)

    Chalapati Rao was a greatly respected music composer in Telugu and Tamil films. It was not very uncommon for southern composers to get inspired by and adopt Hindi film melodies. Chalapati Rao composed music for only few Tamil films. Majority of his compositions were for Telugu films. He has many excellent compositions to his credit.
    2. The second part is on Mixpherion. The author’s name is Vivekananda Krishnamoorthy. You can know how this Mixpherion came into being and his views from the following links.
    I wrote an article on ‘Inspired and adopted Tamil Version Songs’ in SoY. AKji has mentioned this in his comments. If you wish you can go throghthe articlet. I would be too glad to receive your valuable comment and opinion.
    Thank you.

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