2 comments on “Shalom Bollywood

  1. Thanks for sharing these clips, Richard – both were pretty interesting. As I’ve mentioned before, I came across a fair bit of information about Jews in Bollywood while I was researching an article, so this reminded me of that.

    It amused me that the second clip began with things that the West tends to associate with India: the Kama Sutra, curry, and Bollywood – because I was thinking that while Bollywood is certainly very high on the list of a lot of Indians’ likes, curry (simply because it isn’t a pan-Indian concept) or the Kama Sutra almost certainly isn’t. Cricket, perhaps. :-)

  2. shalom richard :-) todah rabbah, bhote shukriah. many thanks and please excuse my spelling. the presentation at the library was very interesting. the film is not yet completed but looks to have great archival and documentary information.

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