2 comments on “Pran Chay Chokkhu Na Chay

  1. Nice! I wonder what prompted the post. Was it “Rahi Matwale”? This song is such a big part of Bengali consciousness that listing the versions by various artistes would be tedious and futile. Especially enjoyed Pankaj Mullick’s orchestration.

  2. Thank you, Soumya. I was inspired to do this post a little over eight days ago when I lined up a whole lot of Kanan Devi songs as music to accompany me while I was doing chores around the apartment on a Saturday afternoon, and this song stood out in the batch as one that was positively delightful. And I knew I had other versions. So I asked myself, what other versions and looked them up… And, yes, there were many, indeed!

    And that’s about it. Not much thought or knowledge went into it, just an impulse based on fondness for the music, great respect for the legacy of Tagore, and,, especially, love for the voice of Kanan Devi (who, I have decided, is one of my three favorite female singers in Indian cinema).

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