2 comments on “Happy Birthday, Noor Jehan!

  1. Richard: Thanks for the links. I have liked Noor Jehan but she was never at the top of my list of great singers. I must say I have to revise my opinion. The first three songs in the 2011 post blew my mind. I have to go through the other post too. After Lata the type of female voices that were favored by music directors in India changed radically. It is indeed a breath of fresh air to hear the voices of Noor Jehan, Suraiya and Shamshad Begum.

  2. Soumya, I am very happy to see that I have revised your opinion about Noor Jehan in this way! And much as I like Lata (Lata – at least of the 50s – could be my second favorite), I agree with you that the voices you mention are a breath of fresh air. Lately, i have been listening to Rajkumari a lot too (maybe more than anyone else this past month), and I think she is definitely up there with the others that we’ve mentioned… And, of course, Kanan Devi, too.

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